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ARIA RCM Services wins Best in KLAS 2024
ARIA RCM Services wins Best in KLAS 2024

Make your financials soar. ARIA RCM Services delivers an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution enabled by technology and trusted by practices, hospitals, and laboratories.

  • Leverage your billing technology or choose ours
  • Enjoy full transparency from your dedicated RCM team
  • Tailor your service to address the scope and concerns unique to you, from full RCM to aging AR to coding oversight
  • Rely on regulatory expertise for help navigating the latest CMS and payer requirements
  • Enjoy the best results at a lower cost
2024 Best in KLAS - Ambulatory RCM Services (EHR-Associated)

ARIA RCM Services boosts revenue 

Are you getting paid for what you earned?

Every practice's revenue cycle is the same. It starts when a patient sets an appointment, and it ends when the practice receives payment. It sounds simple enough, but the reality is there are many pitfalls along the way where simple mistakes can cost your practice money.

At ARIA Health Services, we don't simply process claims. That's the easy part. Instead, we help practices and other healthcare organizations navigate the entire revenue lifecycle. Our experts rely on years of experience with payer billing rules, audits, recoupments, appeals and denials, and much more.

ARIA RCM Services guides users through the complete revenue cycle

Your revenue cycle is like a production line. Each step has to be perfectly executed so the next one can be, too. One little hiccup and the production line (your revenue) comes to a screeching halt.

By leveraging best practices developed over our 20+ years in business, our team of industry experts, and our proprietary technology, ARIA RCM Services ensures your practice or laboratory's billing lifecycle is set up for maximum revenue collection.

ARIA RCM Services employee

Our Best in KLAS award-winning ARIA RCM Services offers end-to-end revenue cycle management for practices, hospitals, and laboratories. 

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Melissa Mason, MT(ASCP), CPC, CPPM<br>Northeast Texas Women's Health, P.A.
The impact on cash flow has exceeded my expectations. I thought it would take a few months... it was immediate. We saw a 14% increase in the first three months.

Melissa Mason, MT(ASCP), CPC, CPPM
Northeast Texas Women's Health, P.A.

Are your days in AR over 90?

A larger and larger bucket of aging AR (accounts receivable) represents huge losses for a practice.

Let our team of experts at ARIA RCM Services help. When we tackle your aging AR, claims with the highest propensity of being paid are triggered to your team's queues first. This lets us maximize the amount of cash flow we can bring in for your business.

Your AR represents how quickly your business is paid for services provided. The older your AR, the harder it is to collect. Studies show the likelihood of collecting AR over 90 days can drop as low as 15% if the process is not managed correctly. That's money you've earned and money you deserve. 

If you are seeing a rising trend in your practice or laboratory's 90+ AR, it's time to engage an expert to get your revenue collection back on track.

Is it even worse? Learn more about our 90+ Aged AR Program.

a doctor who is upset and wants to reduce her days in A/R

ARIA RCM Services can take on all of your practice or laboratory's billing, or it can take on a partial load, perhaps focusing entirely on your growing, aging AR bucket. Every practice's needs are different, and ARIA RCM Services is poised to help you in the way that makes most sense for you.

93%Client Satisfaction
89%Collections Performance
27%Faster Monthly Reimbursements

Dedicated team of industry experts 

When you partner with ARIA RCM Services, you are assigned a team of regulatory and payment experts to work your billing cycle from claims generation to payment posting to insurance collections. In addition to this talented team, you will also be assigned a dedicated account executive.

Your account executive serves as your key contact and trusted advisor. They will establish and maintain a strong relationship with you, always committed to fostering high levels of customer satisfaction.

Your account executive will conduct monthly financial reviews that examine performance against mutually agreed upon key performance indicators. They will identify ways to improve performance on an ongoing basis. Perpetual improvement is mandatory in such a complex environment.

A team of experts walking together
A happy doctor who partnered with ARIA RCM Services

ARIA RCM Services for laboratories

Labs face a unique struggle to keep up with financial changes while trying to focus on quality testing and fast turnaround times.

Our experts lend their experience to your laboratory's revenue cycle with our understanding of payer billing rules, audits, recoupments, appeals, denials, and more. We partner with each client to build a tailored solution that works for you. We provide the focus, attention, and expertise you need to improve your laboratory billing.

Give your billing a boost with ARIA RCM Services. Working as an extension of your laboratory, our tenacious team maximizes your reimbursements, reduces write-offs, and delivers a nearly perfect, first-pass, clean claims rate. Enjoy full transparency, fast service, and a partnership you can trust.

ARIA RCM Services wins Best in KLAS 2024

CompuGroup Medical's ARIA RCM Services ranked #1

team smiling
team smiling

Family practice sees AR improvement with ARIA RCM Services

ARIA RCM Services Assessments for Labs

Maximize lab reimbursements with RCM services

Providers implementing best practices for revenue cycle management (RCM)

7 best practices for revenue cycle management (RCM)

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