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Get support for your medical software

Our US-based support engineers understand that software issues can adversely affect patient care, so they work regularly with our training team and development staff to ensure that any problems or questions are addressed promptly.


(Monday - Friday)        


Lab Management (CGM LABDAQ): +1 (800) 359-0911

 CGM LABDAQ / CGM LABNEXUS8 am - 11 pm ETopt. 4

Lab Management (CGM SCHUYLAB): +1 (888) 724-8952 (US) or +1 (573) 499-1993 (International)


Practice Management and EHR: +1 (855) 270-6700

 CGM CLINICAL / Alteer Office9 am - 8 pm ETopt. 2, then opt. 1
 CGM webPRACTICE8 am - 8 pm ETopt. 2, then opt. 2
 CGM webEHR8 am - 8 pm ETopt. 2, then opt. 3
 CGM ENTERPRISE8 am - 8 pm ETopt. 2, then opt. 4
 CGM DAQbilling8 am - 8 pm ETopt. 2, then opt. 6
 Revenue Cycle Management / eMEDIX               8 am - 6 pm ETopt. 2, then opt. 7

CGM ELVI Telemedicine: +1 (855) 270-6700

 CGM ELVI8 am - 8 pm ETopt. 7

Additional Support

CompuGroup Medical offers support by phone or through our convenient Customer Portal, accessible from a browser or directly through your software. You will receive a tracking number for any service ticket, so you and your support engineer can easily communicate and follow the progress of any issue through completion.

Visit the CGM LABDAQ Support page for additional support with your laboratory software, including a link to re-order supplies from the online store.