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Connect to instruments, EHR, and more with CGM MEDICUS

CGM MEDICUS simplifies testing for waived or moderately complex physician office labs.

With an LIS made to fit your requirements, CGM MEDICUS makes it easy.

Cost-effective and easy to use, CGM MEDICUS offers seamless integration with your practice’s EHR. Connect to your clinical testing instruments, electronic health records, and more.

Choose your CGM MEDICUS configuration

With software options for different kinds of testing and interfaces for up to eight instruments, we have developed a few useful configurations to meet your specific requirements.

Automate the process of managing patient test orders and posting accurate results to a patient’s EHR chart. Save time, eliminate paper, reduce manual or scanned transcription errors, and meet reimbursement goals. Use the Robust - Tox configuration for qualitative and confirmatory toxicology documentation.

Not sure which configuration is best? Our Area Sales Managers will evaluate your lab and testing menu and help you choose the option that’s best for you.

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CGM MEDICUS Configurations

Point of Care (POC) Solutions

Eliminate paper reports, manage patient test orders to results electronically helping to reduce errors caused by scanning or manually entering lab results into EMR patient records.

Robust Lab Solutions

For higher volume, moderately complex labs with multiple instruments, handle patient lab test orders, specimen processing, compliance requirements and send reviewed and accurate patient lab results to EMR efficiently.

Toxicology Solutions

From qualitative screening to confirmatory testing, we offer the right solution to manage toxicology testing and reporting.

A description of what is included with every available CGM MEDICUS configuration

1. Subject to EHR vendor fees. Consolidate vendors with CompuGroup Medical to save on software interfaces. Discover EHR solutions by CGM.

CompuGroup Medical acquires Medicus LIS

CompuGroup Medical confirms market-leading position with strategic acquisition of Medicus LIS

LIS and LIMS distinction

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CGM MEDICUS Software Options


Including in the Robust - Tox configuration, this option supports toxicology testing with qualitative and confirmatory toxicology documentation.


The PCR option for CGM MEDICUS seamlessly collects results from PCR thermocyclers and sends them to the patient chart through a uni- or bi-directional EHR interface.

Configured to document and report semi-quantitative PCR results, the PCR module documents results based on customer single range/cutoffs or with three levels indicating relative pathogen infection level (high, mid, low).

Free Testosterone

With this option, CGM MEDICUS calculates free and bioavailable testosterone levels whenever labs perform both total testosterone and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) testing.

Derek Pickell, Chief Executive Officer<br>CompuGroup Medical US
CGM MEDICUS benefits patients by supporting nationwide availability of affordable lab services.

Derek Pickell, Chief Executive Officer
CompuGroup Medical US

CompuGroup Medical offers the best fit for your lab

Cost-effective lab management software

With CGM MEDICUS, you'll discover an LIS option designed to meet the specific needs of a waived or moderately complex physician office lab. Need something more? Browse our other lab management software.

EHR support

Interface with your EHR to send results directly to a patient's notes. CompuGroup Medical offers leading EHR solutions and also works with third-party EHR vendors to ensure a clean and speedy connection.

CGM MEDICUS installation and training

Work with our expert team to ensure that your LIS is implemented properly and quickly. We will help train your staff to manage your testing workflow, from lab orders to results and managing the data required to meet compliance requirements.

Ongoing support for CGM MEDICUS

Find help whenever you need it. Our dedicated, in-house support team gets it! We work hard to address your technical questions promptly so that you can carry on helping patients and delivering the best customer service and healthcare possible.

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