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We are one of leading companies in eHealth sector worldwide as the supplier of the state – of – the – art IT solutions for more than 1,6 Mio. clients in 56 countries from all over the world. Almost 8 000 CGM employees worldwide effectively meet the new challenges everyday in order to support the health service and to better organize the work of medical personnel. Therefore, our Clients will be able to render top quality services in the scope of health care and to devote their valuable time to the Patients.

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                                                     Synchronizing Healthcare

CompuGroup Medical delivers eHealth solutions for providers, hospitals, laboratories, and more

CompuGroup Medical delivers its trusted software and services to improve health and the quality of life. We build bridges between physicians, health insurances, laboratories, rehab and care facilities, and hospitals to help them provide optimal care.

Understanding what makes a difference in the healthcare sector

CompuGroup Medical has many years of market experience and close contact with its users. More than 1.6 million professional users in 56 countries worldwide have put their trust in us. This unique coverage is required to effectively implement technological and medical progress into practice.

Upholding patient health through software, efficiency, and services

At CGM, our goal is to increasingly understand and simplify the work of all medical care providers. For more than 30 years, we have supported our customers in securely storing, exchanging, and requesting information. In this way, we allow clients more time for what is most important: their patients.

Frank Gotthardt, Founder, CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA
Nobody should suffer or die due to the lack of medical information

Frank Gotthardt, Founder, CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA