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Proud physician standing by his team
Proud physician standing by his team

CGM PRACTICE PARTNER helps practices of all sizes and specialties improve their quality of care and their bottom-line productivity with tools to:

  • Reduce the complexity of the billing process
  • Improve cash flow and collections
  • Improve workflow and efficiency

Along with its intuitive scheduling and Bright Note Technology, it's clear why CGM PRACTICE PARTNER has become a trusted EHR and practice management solution for thousands of providers.

Learn more about CGM PRACTICE PARTNER or ask us about our leading electronic health record, CGM APRIMA.


CGM PRACTICE PARTNER is an industry leading, fully integrated EHR and practice management solution. At work in thousands of healthcare practices of all sizes and specialties, CGM PRACTICE PARTNER helps improve quality of care and a practice's bottom-line productivity.

This trusted EHR and practice management solution provides a host of innovative features to improve both office and clinical efficiency, while helping to improve quality of care.

CGM PRACTICE PARTNER is a highly configurable system allowing physicians and office staff to tailor the workflows and processes to their preferred style.

Happy pediatrician helping a young patient

CompuGroup Medical is a trusted EHR and practice management vendor. Practices rely on systems including CGM PRACTICE PARTNER and our leading electronic health record, CGM APRIMA.

Learn more about our solutions and see how we can help you streamline your operations and keep your focus where it belongs: on the patient.

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Bright Note Technology™

Enter data into the note (e.g., problems, medications, vitals, health maintenance and lab results) and automatically update the complete chart without jumping from screen to screen.

Day-to-Day Management

View messages, results, and schedules from the convenient provider dashboard. Improve patient safety with electronic prescribing. Track orders easily and enjoy automatic status updates as results arrive. Review notes, documents, and results quickly. 

Improved Care

Create notes with help from built-in, evidence-based content and reminders. Write electronic prescriptions with drug interaction, allergy and diagnosis checking, and dose advice. Implement reminders for when you schedule a visit, open a chart, and at the point of care.

Simplified Billing

Open multiple patient ledgers simultaneously to minimize data entry with electronic remittance and encounter forms. Automate your payment posting.

Improved Cashflow

Reduce claim rejects with a real-time coding wizard that checks claims as they are posted for compliance and insurance rules.

Increased Efficiency

Quickly view items and tasks that require your attention including messages, electronic encounter forms, to-do notes, and status of delinquent accounts.

CGM PRACTICE PARTNER offers scheduling tool to meet today's needs

The Appointment Scheduler application provides a flexible solution for today's scheduling needs.

Its intelligent design accommodates all types of scheduling requirements while its flexibility enables a visual search for slots using daily, two-day, weekly, monthly providers in, and provider group views.

Manage your healthcare practice more efficiently with multi-user access, easily collecting co-pays during check-in, and more.

Services and training to support healthcare providers

Server Migrations
Template Assistance

With CGM PRACTICE PARTNER, CompuGroup Medical offers customized training services to meet your specific needs.

We offer training on:

  • medical billing
  • patient records
  • workflow
  • template updates
  • order entry
  • and more

As your trusted partner, CompuGroup Medical is here to help.

Are regulatory requirements creating confusion and anxiety in your office?

CompuGroup Medical can put your mind at ease with our Meaningful Use and PQRS consulting services and individualized attention.

We can help you:

  • understand the requirements
  • review your current status
  • meet the goals to improve reimbursement

Is your server in need of replacement?

Along with CGM PRACTICE PARTNER, CompuGroup Medical offers technical services to migrate your application from one server to another.

Upon securing a server that meets the required specifications, you may contract with our technical team to:

  • install the software
  • migrate your data
  • transfer your settings

Let the experienced team at CompuGroup Medical help you through this process.

Have you often wondered if the workflow you use each day can be improved? If you ever wonder if you are using the CGM PRACTICE PARTNER application to the fullest extent, we would be happy to help. Our technicians can spend two to three days onsite, working with your:

  • providers
  • clinicians
  • staff

Together, we will review your current workflow and provide recommendations to utilize the application even better.

Quick wins will be provided along with a report of recommended changes that can improve productivity, documentation and staff satisfaction.

Are your templates set up to maximize your productivity?

Are there changes you would like to make but do not know how?

Template assistance is available to help you:

  • improve your efficiency
  • streamline your workflow
A doctor shakes hands with an RCM partner
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CGM acquires eMDs

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