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A hiker taking another step along her journey.
A hiker taking another step along her journey.

eMEDIX helps organizations discover the best path to overcoming healthcare payment struggles. Let's explore the bright future of your organization combined with our proven, technology-backed EDI and in-house claims clearinghouse.

With eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions, our clients enjoy:

  • Claims management
  • Denial prevention and recovery
  • Better patient access
  • Easier enrollment

Discover the trusted industry experts of eMEDIX and find the perfect solution that meets your needs today and goes along with you on your journey into the future.

eMEDIX delivers healthcare EDI & highly rated claims clearinghouse 

Your organization has searched high and low to find the most innovative healthcare EDI and payment solutions. Financial and administrative trials have challenged you repeatedly while you have tried your best to provide the highest quality of care.

eMEDIX understands.

Regardless of your practice management solution or your EHR vendor of choice, eMEDIX and our highly rated, in-house claims clearinghouse is the EDI partner you can trust.

Discover your path to a brighter future.

Discover eMEDIX.

Already a user? Browse to:

99.5% clean claims rate

Compare to industry best practice of 95%

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eMEDIX Introduction
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How can eMEDIX help you on your journey?

Claims Management

Prevent rejections and denials before they impede your progress. Automate claim monitoring, streamline attachments, and more.


eMEDIX delivers comprehensive reporting to help your practice or organization make data-drive decisions. Get paid quickly and accurately.

Remittance Management

Save your healthcare practice time and money using electronic remittance management, powered by eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions.

Denial Prevention

Put a stop to costly denials with denial prevention and recovery tools by eMEDIX. Avoid a significant revenue loss for your practice.

Eligibility Verification

Real-time verification at the point of care is a critical business requirement that helps your practice stay in business.

Patient Responsibility

Calculate an out-of-pocket cost estimate using data from previous payments, physician and facility fees, and patient benefits information.

Patient Payments

Boost collections and efficiency with the eMEDIX Payment Portal. Improve payment velocity, reduce collections costs, and improve your patient relationships.

Easy Enrollments

Take the easier route to total enrollment with EZ Enroll by eMEDIX. Enroll online with Medicaid, Medicare, Worker's Comp, and more.

Rebecca Shealy, Vice President<br>Research & Development, eMEDIX & Interfaces
Our commitment to our partners and clients drives us to stay ahead of the competition. We continue to improve the exchange of medical data in ways that are easier to use, more secure, and more versatile than ever before.

Rebecca Shealy, Vice President
Research & Development, eMEDIX & Interfaces

eMEDIX employs trusted industry experts who understand you

At eMEDIX, we have partnered with healthcare organizations and billers from multiple specialties for more than 30 years.

We work hard to streamline your billing process and ensure that our technology works seamlessly with any practice management and EHR software.

Our in-house clearinghouse proudly offers one of the industry's leading claims engines. We are grateful that we can bring our clients through their revenue cycle journey as they work tirelessly to deliver the best in patient care.

With the single log-in platform, eMEDIX ONLINE, it is easy to gain insights into your billing processes, identify problem areas, address them at the source.

Our support team will be there whenever you need us. We will assist as you streamline payment efficiency, improve payment accuracy, boost revenue performance, and facilitate value-based care and payments from anywhere.

Who uses eMEDIX?

Health Systems

Protect, accelerate, and find new revenue with our intelligent and simple-to-use technology.

You can choose from our suite of solutions to improve the patient's financial experience, ensure charge accuracy and compliance, and collect more from payers.

You've made a considerable investment in your health system or hospital. Get the most out of it with eMEDIX.

Physician & Specialty Practices

Our innovative, easy-to-use technology strengthens your practice, helping you focus on patients. Quickly check eligibility, automate claim monitoring, prevent and manage denials, and get paid.

eMEDIX ONLINE enhances your practice management system, helping to trim down days in AR and maximize revenue and speed of payment. Our intelligent algorithms and reporting features help your team continually optimize the revenue cycle.

Billing Services

Easily manage medical costs while collaborating with providers and payers to address your strategic and operational priorities.

Our consolidated platform makes it easy to manage all your customers from one console, automates workflows, and gives you a big-picture view with customizable analytics, reporting dashboards, and granular dashboards. All at a cost that can't be beaten.

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