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Golfer drives a ball off the tee
Golfer drives a ball off the tee

Struggling under the administrative burden of credentialing and enrollment? It's par for the course for healthcare providers in the United States.

Streamline your enrollment process with the innovative software used by our experts at ARIA Enrollment Services. With features like these, you'll be hitting a hole-in-one:

  • Enrollment workflow management application
  • Real-time plan participation reporting
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Web-based, responsive user interface
  • Configurable task management work queues
  • External user access
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Credentials verification module
  • Productivity and plan participation reports

Transparent and easy provider enrollment management

Keeping up with provider participation and payer plan enrollment for health care organizations is a critical element of the overall revenue cycle management process. Losing track of just a few provider enrollments has a direct impact on revenues.

The administrative process can be difficult for even the largest organizations, but there is a trusted solution that makes it easier. CGM ENROLL Enrollment Management System is a web-based, real-time plan participation and enrollment status system built by professionals who have experience with provider enrollment and understand all aspects of the process.

A Titleist golf ball on the green, next to the pin

When your providers are properly enrolled with the necessary payers, your practice is easily on (and in) the green!

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Who can benefit from CGM ENROLL?

Practices & Multi-Specialty Groups

Ensure smooth billing and payment for your providers with help from our intuitive, homegrown technology.

Your enrollment and credentialing professionals will benefit from a system that makes managing the entire process easy and approachable.

Academic Medical Centers

Stay focused on patient care and provider education by simplifying the burdensome enrollment and credentialing process.

CGM ENROLL sets the industry standard in provider enrollment management technology.

Health Systems

Turn a daunting amount of enrollments and re-enrollments into something accessible and manageable with help from CGM ENROLL.

You've made a considerable investment in your health system. Keep the reimbursements coming in smoothly with CGM ENROLL.

Trusted by the experts at ARIA Enrollment Services

CGM ENROLL is an in-house solution developed by CompuGroup Medical and in use by the experts at ARIA Enrollment Services.

Our ARIA team uses CGM ENROLL to manage the preparation and submission of provider enrollments, responding to payer validations, and keeping provider CAQH profiles current.

Practices who want to make their enrollment process easier should adopt CGM ENROLL. If you want to offload the task altogether, contact the experts at ARIA.

CGM ENROLL Enrollment Management System in use on a laptop

Easily monitor the progress of your practice's provider enrollment with CGM ENROLL Enrollment Management System.

A professional wondering about credentialing and provider enrollment.

Are provider enrollment and physician credentialing the same thing?

A medical biller works through her practice's revenue cycle

RCM basics: The life cycle of a medical bill

Verifying a patient's insurance eligibility.

The importance of patient insurance eligibility verification

key performance indicators

KPIs: What are key performance indicators and why are they important?

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