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A physician spends time with a young patient thanks to the efficiencies provided by CGM medical software for doctors

Medical software for doctors to
support practices every day

As a doctor, you face many challenges every day. Above all, you must ensure the care and healing of your patients. This is your responsibility, but there is so much more to being a doctor. As the owner of the practice, you must also run a successful business.

Efficient office management is essential. With medical software and services by CompuGroup Medical, you are equipped with the best possible support for the greatest chance at success.

Meet your unique needs with medical software for doctors

Stand-Alone EHR

You need a stand-alone EHR that will integrate with CGM software or some other, third-party practice management software.


Web-Based PM Software

You're happy with your EHR, but your billing process and software is inadequate. You want to improve your process easily, but billing companies would require you to adopt a new EHR.


Reports & Payments

You need a practice management solution that allows you to create reports easily and streamlines the posting of insurance payments.


Increased Efficiency

You're tired of clunky user interfaces with too many clicks and dropdown tabs. You need a practice management system and EHR suite that saves time and increase efficiency with notes entry.


On-Site Laboratory

Physician office labs require a state-of-the-art lab management system to ensure accuracy, security, and speedy turnaround times.


Lab Billing

Your small- to mid-sized practice needs an intuitive practice management solution that can accommodate the requirements of laboratory and batch billing.

CGM DAQbilling

Credentialing & Enrollment

You need a way to better manage and maintain your enrollment and credentialing.

ARIA Health Services

Revenue Cycle Management

End-to-end revenue cycle management, credentialing, and enrollment services for healthcare organizations ranging from large entities to small practices.

ARIA Health Services
ARIA RCM Services

Management & Reimbursements

You want to streamline your workflow with a practice management solution that is seamlessly integrated with your reimbursement system. Statements and collection letters link to a payment portal that gets imported into your PM software.

eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions

EDI Access

You want access to all your EDI (electronic data interchange), including purchase orders and invoices, and it would be great if you had that all in one place.

eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions


Telehealth is a vital new service, but many patients are still leery of new technology. You need a simple, web-based solution with an optional app that makes healthcare as accessible as possible for all patients.

CGM ELVI Telemedicine

Remote Care

It's difficult to reach or care for remote or immobile patients, or those concerned with the spread of infectious disease. With easy-to-use devices and secure data transmission, you can continue to monitor patient vitals proactively.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Medical Software

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