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Medical software built for doctors

As a doctor, you face many challenges every day- long charting hours, denied claims, no-shows...the list goes on. But above all, you must ensure the care and healing of your patients, while running a successful business. It's no easy job!

With medical software and services by CompuGroup Medical, you are equipped with the best possible support for the greatest chance at success and allow you to rediscover the joy of practicing medicine.

Tools to help doctors succeed


Specialty specific EHR 


eCQM reporting


Appointment reminders

Billing assistance

Meet your unique needs with medical software for doctors

Click less. Chart faster.

Care more. Our market-leading, award-winning EHR solutions are built on years of experience in multiple settings with the help of practicing physicians. Our solutions work in the office or even with no internet connection if you see patients outside the office.

Bill better

Whether you’re a practice, lab, or billing service, we have powerful practice management solutions that work for your unique needs. Choose a standalone system or one that works as part of your CompuGroup Medical EHR.

Estimate patient responsibility at the time of visit with a connection to our eMEDIX clearinghouse, and run your statements regularly from within the PM software.

Manage in-house testing

CompuGroup Medical caters to labs of all sizes and specialties with a suite of four trusted solutions: CGM LABDAQ ,CGM SCHUYLAB,CGM MEDICUS, and CGM AP EASY. Our experts consider the specific needs of your laboratory to find the solution and configuration that works best for your testing menu and workflow. With our single-vendor solution, you can take advantage of special interfacing options when you adopt both our EHR and LIS software

Engage patients

For online visits, CGM APRIMA EHR and Practice Management offers the engagement solutions your patients demand. Keep patients engaged with Patient Connect integrated telehealth, a robust patient portal, and CGM CONNECTION appointment reminders and marketing tools.

Take the stress out of RCM

We take the complexity out of revenue cycle management (RCM) so you can focus on patient care. Our experienced ARIA RCM Services experts take on a range of administrative or enterprise-level tasks including: Billing and revenue cycle management, Aged accounts receivable, Credentialing, CVO, and professional licensing, and Provider insurance enrollment.

Integrate your EDI

Enjoy a seamless revenue cycle experience with our own tightly integrated eMEDIX clearinghouse and claims management system. Because it is our own clearinghouse, the integration is superior to what other vendors would offer through third-party solutions. Make it easier to understand eligibility,work claims, manage denials, and more.

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