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Software for laboratories: improving workflows and connecting labs every day

Laboratories are a critical component of the American healthcare system. From a single-analyzer, physician office lab to a multi-site, regional reference lab, laboratories play an essential role in the patient journey. Secure, reliable testing and a fast turnaround time means accurate diagnoses and more timely care.

CompuGroup Medical delivers laboratory management software designed to connect laboratories to practices, billing systems, analyzers, reporting agencies, and more. Efficiency, connectivity, scalability, and security: these are the hallmarks of a leading laboratory information system, or LIS.

Discover the most trusted names in laboratory information systems.

Software for Physician Office Labs

A physician office labs, or POL, requires an LIS that integrates completely with the practice's EHR/EMR or practice management software. With a laboratory information system from CompuGroup Medical, that means interfacing to our own, leading software solutions, as well as a comprehensive list of the third-party solutions you may already be using.

Software for Reference Labs

Reference labs have complex needs, but a strong LIS simplifies the setup and connectivity required. Web portals, multi-site connectivity, turnaround time monitoring, and much more are all possible with the right LIS for the new or establish independent reference lab.

Software for Anatomic Pathology

Whether you're looking to improve your anatomic pathology laboratory or are just getting started, consider the system that is going to make your life easier. Whether that's ease of use, streamlining workflows, or simplifying the demands on your IT department, the right anatomic pathology lab software will be the one that works with you to drive your success.

Software and services to create efficient, dependable laboratories

Patient Safety

You need to promote patient safety by facilitating accurate sample identification and providing container requirements to ensure specimens are collected correctly.



You need to follow CLIA guidelines and maintain your lab's compliance. You may also be inundated with paperwork and overwhelmed by a complicated inspection process.



Not all providers are able to connect electronically with your lab for orders and results. You need a cost-effective web portal to streamline your workflow with these providers.


Data Security

Because your data is critical, you need a secure, reliable database, and one that can easily scale up with your laboratory as your facility grows over time.


Anatomic Pathology

AP testing requires specialized software, and CompuGroup Medical offers an easy-to-use solution that is popular for all kinds of anatomic pathology specialties.



You need a lab management system that can automate the data transfer to different EHR, billing, and third-party systems.


In-House Billing

Your lab would benefit from a seamless integration between your lab management software and your billing system. It's also a challenge finding a billing vendor that understands the challenges and workflow needs of the laboratory.


Revenue Cycle Management

Need to reduce write-offs and increase your reimbursements? Would you save money and improve your results by outsourcing your billing operations? CompuGroup Medical has the experts on hand to help you get the job done.

ARIA RCM Services


If your lab submits claims, you need a transparent system that maximizes your reimbursements and helps you navigate the complex system of coding, medical necessity, and denials.
eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions

Trusted service and support

CompuGroup Medical lab management software stands apart for its ease-of-use and intuitive design, but clients discover tremendous added value from our dedicated, in-house technical support and implementation teams. Laboratory work is too important to outsource your support or to go it alone. More than just software for laboratories, CompuGroup Medical is the industry's trusted partner for implementation, support, and training.

Lab Management Software

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