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CompuGroup Medical offers lab management software designed to meet the needs of a variety of laboratories including:

  • POL (Physician Office Lab) - A POL is a laboratory located within a physician office. Such labs may provide hematology, urine, and possibly chemistry testing
  • Reference Lab - Also known as an independent laboratory, a reference lab is a stand-alone laboratory that services surrounding community doctors or hospitals. A reference lab typically offers standard clinical testing as well as specialized testing
  • Hospital Lab - Laboratories in a hospital setting typically run a full range of tests including hematology, chemistry, urinalysis, and microbiology
  • Anatomic Pathology - AP testing involves the examination of organs and tissues and presents workflow challenges that are unique compared to clinical testing
  • Pain Management - Laboratories that specialize in pain management test for the usage and therapy of pain management medicine using GC/MS specialized instruments. A pain management test will state if a patient's results are consistent with the drugs he or she is prescribed
  • Veterinary - Veterinary laboratories perform clinical testing for animals, and CGM LABDAQ can be tailored to fit the needs of a veterinary lab, as well
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