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The rise of telehealth in the United States

Telehealth is a relatively new concept, and it was first introduced as a way to connect healthcare providers with remote or inaccessible patients. Providers could expand their reach beyond the walls of their practice and reach those with critical needs that could not be reached before.

In 2020, telehealth quickly rose to prominence to support an embattled industry in its fight against a global pandemic.

Through virtual appointments and remote care, CGM has changed the way medical care is delivered around the world.

Innovative, virtual telehealth solutions

Building on the success of the secure CGM ELVI Telemedicine platform, CompuGroup Medical has introduced CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring, enabling providers to monitor patient conditions while patients are social distancing at home. This cutting-edge, real-time telehealth solution supports clinics and social institutions in their mission to treat immobile or distant patients.

CGM's CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring protects the health of patients and staff by offering convenient, remote care to at-risk patients and preventing the spread of disease at the doctor's office. Patients receive smart, connected devices and monitor their blood-oxygen levels, pulse, blood pressure, weight, or other measurements as suggested by their physician. Through secure, wireless communication, doctors receive updates and real-time alerts whenever a patient's needs change and immediate care is required. This immediate call-to-action lends itself to better patient outcomes and community wellness.

Benedikt Brueckle, President & CFO, CompuGroup Medical US
Benedikt Brueckle, President & CFO, CompuGroup Medical US
CGM ELVI is easy to implement. We can get providers up and running very quickly.

Benedikt Brueckle, President & CFO, CompuGroup Medical US

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CGM RPM - Remote Patient Monitoring

Introducing CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring

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A guide to telehealth vendors in the age of COVID-19

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