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A doctor who benefits from ARIA Credentialing Services
A doctor who benefits from ARIA Credentialing Services

Focus on patient care and offload the administrative burden of maintaining and renewing your providers' required credentials.

With help from your team at ARIA Credentialing Services, you will benefit from:

  • Primary source verification
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Transparent and easy medical licensing

Eliminate the hassle of in-house credentialing. Get help from your partners at ARIA.

Streamline your practice with credentialing and professional licensing services

The staff at ARIA Credentialing Services is trained in performing primary source verifications according to our own lofty standards. We can help you get quality provider reviews without having to invest in additional staff and infrastructure.

If you're doing this in-house, it's likely that your team is feeling under-staffed or overwhelmed. ARIA Credentialing Services is designed to alleviate this internal stress and deliver the kind of results you would expect.

An administrator works on provider credentialing

ARIA Credentialing Services delivers easy credentialing for any health plan or provider. Simplify the complexity and ease your healthcare practice's administrative burden.

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Benefits of using ARIA Credentialing Services

Expertise You Can Trust

Our organization trains its staff to perform primary source verifications according to our own lofty standards. The result is a team that you can trust, acting as an extension of your own practice staff.

Workforce Augmentation

Your team at ARIA serves as an extension of your staff. Reduce your labor costs and lift the burden off your existing administrators to help with employee satisfaction and retention.

Provider Re-Credentialing

Your team at ARIA Credentialing Services will respond to any re-credentialing requests coming from any of your payers.

Transparent and easy credentialing services

Applying for a physician license is a complex, time-consuming process. However, it's becoming increasingly more common and necessary for physicians to obtain multiple state medical licenses—especially with the rise in telehealth and multi-state healthcare organizations.

ARIA Credentialing Services is experienced in working with providers to submit professional licensing applications across the United States. We know the ins and outs, specific requirements, and how to make it a seamless process for our clients.

Taking it one step further, we make it easy for you to monitor the status of your applications through our proprietary, online portal.

As a partner with your organization, we believe in full transparency, just as you believe in results.

A satisfied doctor who benefits from ARIA Credentialing Services

Tedious and labor intensive, credentialing can be a drag. Let ARIA Credentialing Services help turn your projects around in as little as two to three business days.

A provider connects with a patient during this step of the patient journey

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A professional wondering about credentialing and provider enrollment.

Are provider enrollment and physician credentialing the same thing?

An administrator struggles with the pitfalls of provider credentialing

10 common provider credentialing pitfalls and how to avoid them

Lab technician using the CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System

Why use an LIS? – Top benefits of adopting a laboratory information system

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