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Doctor with a phone using CGM CONNECTION
Doctor with a phone using CGM CONNECTION

Manage your customer communication automatically. CGM CONNECTION is a state-of-the-art text, email, and phone communication tool:

  • Voice, text, and email communications
  • Templates to help you establish your messaging quickly
  • Real-time updates of appointment confirmation status
  • Blast (mass) messaging for marketing, patient birthdays, announcements, and more
  • No-show messages inform patients about any fees or prompt them to reschedule whenever they miss an appointment
  • Message customization by resource, location, visit types, and day of week
  • Multi-language support

CGM CONNECTION Patient Relationship Management

Too many healthcare providers overlook patient engagement. Avoid that pitfall. Create an engagement strategy and use CGM CONNECTION in conjunction with your appointments and demographics to deliver appointment reminders and mass messaging that keeps you connected with your patients.

Reach patients the way they want to be reached. Your patients each have an individual preference for how they like to communicate, and you can easily use that preferred method to educate them, bring them in, and keep them engaged with their care.

Help your patients keep their appointments and add a powerful marketing tool to your practice.

A patient is happy to receive a text from her doctor thanks to CGM CONNECTION

Boost patient engagement, lower your no-show rate, and improve your reimbursements with help from CGM CONNECTION Patient Relationship Management.

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Key benefits of CGM CONNECTION

Decreased No-Shows

Through appointment reminders, you're able to decrease your no-show rates, helping your patients get seen for the care they need, and helping your practice bring in more revenue. 

Total Connectivity

Communicate with your patients through phone, email, or text to increase patient engagement and patient satisfaction. 

Education & Marketing

Use blast messaging to send educational material to your patients. Promote important topics such as annual wellness visits or combating diabetes. Market your practice with announcements, promotions, and more.

Patient engagement via text messaging

How to: Patient engagement during flu season

A doctor shakes hands with an RCM partner
Junge Ärztin am PC.

How patient engagement software is impactful to your patients

Patient engagement via text messaging

Streamlining operations through patient engagement software

A healthcare practice's empty patient waiting room

Better patient engagement: reduce patient no-shows

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