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CGM AP EASY delivers an intuitive, cloud-based LIS for anatomic pathology

What is CGM AP EASY?

Serving anatomic pathology labs since 1994, CGM AP EASY offers all the functionality you desire in an easy-to-use and affordable package. Organize data, manage your workflow, and generate reports for both clients and internal use.

Intuitive and easy to learn, CGM AP EASY is popular for all kinds of AP specialties. Automate Lab order entry, provide real time updates to clients, and deliver results securely via online portal.

CGM AP EASY is a cloud-based solution that simplifies your in-house IT demands.

Experience CGM AP EASY Laboratory Information System

Easy Connectivity

CGM AP EASY provides real-time access to your laboratory information system from anywhere. Connect securely through the cloud to accession specimens, print labels, or record results. CGM AP EASY delivers a real-time, integrated solution for transmitting orders and results.

Easy Implementation

A cloud-based, SaaS (software as a service) platform, CGM AP EASY reduces the demands on your lab’s IT resources. CompuGroup Medical maintains your database in the cloud, and the LIS implementation process can be handled quickly and remotely.

Easy Interfaces

HL7 or API connections streamline the interface process, reducing costs and improving turnaround times whenever your lab requires one. An interface to any third-party data collection partner, for example, facilitates the seamless transmission of information.

Easy Workflows

A unique, tabbed environment presents all of the system’s functionality neatly on a single screen. The LIS automates workflow steps such as reflexing for molecular gynecological tests, eliminating tedious manual entry and reducing the possibility of human error.

Easy Reporting

CGM AP EASY includes a wealth of standardized reports for labs to use, but clients can also customize their own report to stand out from the competition.

Easy Support

Our dedicated, in-house team of technical support experts for CGM AP EASY is based out of Owings Mills, Maryland. Your Client Sales Executive and your partners in support can help you upgrade the functionality of your LIS, establish new interfaces, and troubleshoot any problems.

Michael Henningsen, Area Sales Manager
With the ability to create customizable macros with canned text, CGM AP EASY streamlines the accessioning and grossing process. Create unique abbreviations and populate multiple fields with a single click.

Michael Henningsen, Area Sales Manager

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CGM AP EASY Laboratory Information System

Worklists, pending orders, diagnoses: it’s all at your fingertips with CGM AP EASY. Keep your lab running at peak efficiency.

CGM AP EASY is designed specifically for anatomic pathology

CGM AP EASY is the next generation of cloud-based laboratory information systems. Designed specifically for anatomic pathology workflow, CGM AP EASY is intuitive and easy to learn.

Deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), our popular cloud solution is secure, scalable and HIPAA compliant.

CGM AP EASY includes an integrated provider portal that allows users to submit online orders and receive reports. Some features include:

  • Audit Trail
  • Barcoding
  • Batch Printing
  • Canned Text/Macro Libraries
  • Cassette, Slide, and Requisition Labels
  • Customizable Final Reports
  • Document and Image Management
  • Easy Access to Patient History
  • Electronic Signature
  • GYN Module with Molecular Testing
  • Integrated Faxing, Web Orders, Web Reporting
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • HL7 and API Interfaces for EMR, Billing, etc.
  • Real-Time Results Access
  • Role-Based Access
  • Queried Statistical Reporting

CGM AP EASY can interface with your EHR software, billing software, and lab instruments to provide a seamless operation for reducing data entry errors. Every lab can have their report templates customized based on your lab’s requirements.

CGM AP EASY is suitable for labs of all sizes and offers both transactional/per case pricing or fixed monthly pricing options to our customers.

CGM AP EASY works on any browser and is compatible for both Mac and Windows users.

Advanced anatomic pathology workflows with CGM AP EASY

GYN Cytology

Our Surgical option allows you to enter anatomic pathology orders either manually or by interface. Build a case easily by entering report requirements such as gross, microscopic descriptions, diagnoses, ICD-10 and CPT codes, and stains using canned macros, manual entry, voice dictation, or a combination of all three. Generate a .pdf sign-out to complete the process, and send finalized cases back to clients via web portal, fax, or HL7 interface.

Additional options are available for tracking frozen specimens, issuing a preliminary diagnosis report, adding images, and attaching documents. Use these for biopsies, non-GYN cases such as urine cytology, and FISH.

The Prostate option expands on the surgical format by allowing the entry of prostate-specific fields like Gleason score, length, number of pieces, and percent involved. The data can be graphically displayed on a customizable prostate diagram along with color-coded text and graphical representations of the percent involved. Optionally, a Partin table graph may be included, as well.

The Prostate option includes the efficient macro system that helps your lab specialists quickly generate and populate standard prostate scenarios.

The GYN Cytology options allows users to build a panel of tests; track and compare a cytotech, reviewer, and pathologist’s interpretations; and run statistical reports against case modifiers. GYN Cytology allows you to report cases using their unique, required set of fields and create statistical reports.

Manage routine Pap smear samples using built-in CAP guidelines. The system automates the process of pulling random results for QC to meet Bethesda guidelines. Add reflex testing to Pap smears, based on results.

CompuGroup Medical acquires AP Easy

CompuGroup Medical acquires market leading laboratory software provider AP Easy

Digital cloud

The #1 cloud-based LIS for anatomic pathology

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Anatomic Pathology

Using lab software to streamline anatomic pathology testing

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