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A smiling doctor who uses the CGM MEDISOFT Practice Management and EHR software
A smiling doctor who uses the CGM MEDISOFT Practice Management and EHR software

Updated every year with new feature functionality, the latest version of CGM MEDISOFT includes updates to:

  • Patient responsibility estimate
  • Daily appointment-and-activity review
  • Patient statements
  • Streamlined claim management

CGM MEDISOFT is available for purchase through our network of value-added resellers. Connect with a reseller to learn more about the practice management system you require and the support and service they can deliver.

CGM MEDISOFT is a powerful practice management solution for hardworking practices

With the added functionality and enhancements in this year's release, CGM MEDISOFT is more powerful than ever before. Simplify your practice administration with this established, trusted, and affordable practice management solution.

Loved by thousands of healthcare providers, our trusted practice management system is reaching new heights.


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CGM MEDISOFT v28 New Features

With a new release every year, CGM MEDISOFT offers optimized workflows and additional functionality. Start with an established practice management system today, and update every year to enjoy all of this ongoing development.

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Why choose CGM MEDISOFT?

Affordable, Trusted & Proven

CGM MEDISOFT Practice Management and EHR keeps your simplifies your complex processes and keeps those reimbursements coming in.

Easy to Use Interface

CGM MEDISOFT is an intuitive practice management system. Deliver the highest level of patient care an establish a modern, successful practice.

Recent Improvements

CGM MEDISOFT v28 offers fully integrated statements and patient responsibility estimates, plus an enhanced eligibility display and more.

CGM MEDISOFT streamlines claim management

Managing rejected claims is even easier with CGM MEDISOFT v28.

Users can now add a resubmission code for the specific claims in question through the Claim Management screen. The claim-specific resubmission code reduces the chance of being rejected for duplicate claims and could help them be processed even faster.

The old method of applying the code to an entire case is still available, so providers can go with the workflow that works best for them.

Patient Responsibility Estimate & Enhanced Eligibility Display

Fully integrated within CGM MEDISOFT v28, this feature includes an estimate display based on past payments. Users may also make adjustments for coverage, copays, coinsurance, remaining deductibles, and more. Providers can print and save patient estimates and have the option to tailor them with customizable messaging and a web link for pre-payments or deposits.

Daily Appointment & Activity Review

With the new, daily appointment-and-activity review, providers and practice managers are quickly alerted to possible oversights such as appointments without charges, missed copays, and claims that were not billed. Providers can identify if their practice is meeting collection goals such as expected copays at the time of service or billing for missed appointments.

Integrated Patient Statements

Designed to be familiar and easy to use, providers can preview statements before transmission and review them from within CGM MEDISOFT to answer any patient questions. Practices can adopt the eMEDIX online payment portal and a QR code will appear on patient statements to direct them to the portal. Combine your integrated patient statements with our industry-leading eMEDIX clearinghouse and consolidate your operations under one trusted vendor.

Combine your practice management system with our renowned EHR

Bundle the CGM MEDISOFT practice management system with our award-winning EHR software, CGM APRIMA. Less disruption and more efficiency? It's a no-brainer.

CGM APRIMA is a distinctly fast, flexible, and powerful EHR that complements and simplifies your practice's workflow.

Designed to adapt to your preferences, CGM APRIMA is a mature EHR conceived by doctors with an easy-to-use, free-flowing interface that follows the flow of an actual patient visit. With CGM APRIMA, you don’t have to switch your practice management system. Get started today.

Happy CGM MEDISOFT user gives a thumbs up

CGM APRIMA is CompuGroup Medical's leading electronic health record. Talk to your value-added reseller about combining CGM MEDISOFT with CGM APRIMA to create the best experience at your practice.

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