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A happy lab tech replacing papers and binders with CGM LABSIGN Document Management System

Streamline lab compliance with cloud-based document management

CGM LABSIGN is a cloud-based document management system that is designed specifically for clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories to achieve and maintain compliance easily and efficiently.

CGM LABSIGN provides lab management and personnel easy access to the most current laboratory policies and procedures and includes built-in workflows to ensure compliance through employee approvals and reviews. Your lab can easily obtain electronic employee signatures and track them as part of the compliance process.

No more binders. No more clutter. No more stress.

Key features of CGM LABSIGN

  • Drag and drop documents to upload them to the cloud
  • Assign documents for staff to approve or review
  • Compare document versions to see edits and additions
  • Easily view the status of document approvals and reviews
  • Implement at any lab, regardless of the installed laboratory information system
  • English and Spanish interfaces included
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Using CGM LABSIGN for your lab's document management

Manage document review

Assign documents and procedures to lab personnel for review and signature. Track who has signed which documents and ensure your lab is ready for its next compliance audit.

LIS-agnostic design

Designed as a stand-alone application, CGM LABSIGN is not tied to any specific laboratory information system and can be used alongside CGM LABDAQ, CGM MEDICUS, CGM SCHUYLAB, CGM AP EASY, or any other system.

Easy document comparison

Updating a document? Using the side-by-side document comparison to see what changes were made, the original author can quickly review and approve those changes.

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