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CGM webPRACTICE delivers a cloud-based, SaaS practice management solution

An innovative profitability solution, CGM webPRACTICE grows with your practice or laboratory

CGM webPRACTICE is a fully web-based, or SaaS (software as a service), practice management system designed for practices and labs to manage all of their billing and operational needs.

Whether your organization is a solo-physician practice or a multi-office, multi-specialty medical group, CGM webPRACTICE has all of the functionality and features you need to help optimize your administrative and financial processes. At the same time, it offers ultimate ease of use, minimizing the time and resources needed for implementation and training.

This powerful, web-based practice management solution meets your needs today and far into the future. Designed for interoperability, CGM webPRACTICE facilitates seamless integration with a variety of EHR systems, including CompuGroup Medical's own clearinghouse, eMEDIX. Clinical labs running CGM LABDAQ can adopt CGM webPRACTICE and rest assured that the interface fee will be waived.

CGM webPRACTICE features a customizable desktop workflow manager including the Practice Vitals dashboard which provides you with immediate insight into your key performance indicators. You can also access hundreds of pre-designed reports.

Features and benefits of CGM webPRACTICE

  • A built-in scheduling module with expanded functionality for comprehensive, complex appointment management
  • Patient and insurance collections tools that allow you to easily implement progressive letter campaigns and payment plans
  • Customizable claim profiles, claim editors and preview/review of electronic claim raw data and paper claims for precise claim control
  • Robust add-on webTools for code scrubbing, appointment reminders, eligibility verification, advance payment collection, mobile charge capture, document management and insurance card/driver’s license scanning as well as an intuitive patient portal
  • More than 600 essential pre-designed reports
  • Powerful collections tools for claims management and billing success
  • Real-time snapshots of key performance indicators
  • User-enabled customization for efficient workflow management
  • Seamless integration with electronic health record solutions within the CompuGroup Medical US portfolio as well as 3rd party EHR systems
  • Built-in scheduling module with expanded functionality for comprehensive schedule management
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CGM webPRACTICE offers principled practice management

CGM webPRACTICE promotes data security and accountability

Put measures in place that help you uphold the trust of your patients and the reporting agencies to which you are accountable.

Customize processes and results with CGM webPRACTICE

Work smarter, not longer by customizing and automating your routine processes.

CGM webPRACTICE streamlines billing, maximizes profitability

Save time and money while you concentrate on your core mission—delivering high quality healthcare.

Use webTOOLS to customize CGM webPRACTICE


Enables code and claim scrubbing.


Real-time insurance eligibility verification and benefits information.


Phone, text, and email appointment reminders and notifications.


Electronic patient collection letters.

CGM PinPoint

Centralized, web-based document storage and management system.


Mobile patient data, schedules, and charge entry.


Patient insurance card/driver's license scanning.

eMEDIX Payment Portal

Online patient payments for statements and collection letters.


Point-of-care patient payment and automated payment plan collection.


Aggregation and submission of merit-based incentive payment system data to CMS.

Client Testimonials for CGM webPRACTICE

“I’ve had opportunities to view demos of other practice management solutions since I joined Cardiovascular Consultants in 2001 and have found no other solution that comes close.”

Linda Ellis, Director of Billing
Cardiovascular Consultants, LTD

“We recently broke our own record by achieving 19 days in Accounts Receivable (AR) for our claims. About 10 years ago, our AR days were far above 60. With the help of CGM webPRACTICE, we have succeeded in progressively surpassing the industry average of about 30 days in AR. The insurance collections module in the solution has made such a huge difference to us. We are able to set follow-up dates for Medicare and our other insurance plans. If any claim remains unpaid longer than it should, we have the ability to flag it for immediate follow-up to ensure timely reimbursement.”

Teri Paluso, Practice Administrator
Interventional Pain Consultants, PA

“CGM webPRACTICE has enabled Arizona Orthopedic Associates to increase operational efficiency. As a result, our practice has only two billers on staff even with considerable growth in our operations over the years. We are able to realize annual cost savings associated with staffi ng to the tune of about $75,000.”

Bob Cordova, Practice Administrator
Arizona Orthopedic Associates