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CompuGroup Medical's ARIA RCM Services ranked #1

February 7, 2024

Winners of the 2024 Best in KLAS award for ambulatory RCM services (EHR-Associated), ARIA RCM Services partners with you to build the most efficient path to a better bottom line.

ARIA RCM Services wins Best in KLAS 2024
  • Earns 2024 Best in KLAS award for ambulatory RCM services. 
  • Delivers enterprise-scale, professional services for medical practices of all sizes. 
  • Receives praise for transparent and responsive customer communications. 

Today, CompuGroup Medical (CGM), a leading provider of ambulatory electronic health records (EHR), practice management software (PM), laboratory information systems (LIS), and revenue cycle management services (RCM) is pleased to announce that its ARIA RCM Services has been recognized as Best in KLAS® for Ambulatory RCM Services in the 2024 Best in KLAS: Software and Services Report.

The Best in KLAS designation recognizes ARIA as the leader in the segment. A CompuGroup Medical brand, ARIA provides end-to-end revenue cycle management services for medical groups and practices of all sizes across the United States. It is focused on being a results- and relationship-driven operation that is seen as an extension of customers' own staff.

Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US
We are thrilled that our clients have recognized the outstanding quality of our revenue cycle management and
credentialing services.

Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US

"We are thrilled that our clients have recognized the outstanding quality of our revenue cycle management and credentialing services," said Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US. "We continually strive to be our clients' best services partner."

"To receive this honor," said Pickell, "validates our commitment to delivering the exceptional quality customers demand to keep them financially healthy in a challenging environment and allows them to focus on patient care. The United States healthcare provider and lab markets clearly recognize the high quality of solutions that CompuGroup Medical brings to them."

KLAS Research CEO Adam Gale said, "At KLAS, we firmly believe that the voice of healthcare providers and payers is paramount. The Best in KLAS awards are based on extensive feedback and evaluations from healthcare professionals across the nation."

"Winning a Best in KLAS award, therefore, is not just about recognition; it shows the trust and confidence that healthcare providers place in the winning vendors. It also helps validate each vendor's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to recognize 2024's Best in KLAS award winners!" said Gale. "Their unwavering dedication to improving patient outcomes is wonderfully inspiring."

Customers who responded to KLAS surveys about ARIA RCM Services have highlighted strengths across multiple interview areas including the following interview responses:

Available and Responsive

"Our manager at the firm is always available. If I have a question, I dial their number, and they answer. It is the same for the rest of my team. If our manager doesn't have the answer, they put it to the team that they manage, and they get it resolved. They will have an answer for us within that day typically. If not, then we get it the next day."

CEO/President, December 2023 - Customer Comment

Operations and Transparency

"I would love to know how CompuGroup Medical US does their reports, because I have been really impressed with them. I would love to know how the firm comes up with all that data out of our system."

Director, October 2023 - Customer Comment


"I have so much confidence that we are in such good hands with the firm's support people and how they handle everything. The whole management team has risen from the trenches. They were the ground staff and slowly rose in ranks. They know exactly what work is involved. I'm just so happy that we are with CompuGroup Medical US."

Manager, October 2023 - Customer Comment


"The firm is very receptive. We can say anything to them, and no one ever becomes defensive. The firm is so accepting of whatever we have to say, and they quickly turn around and give us an answer or just act upon whatever we have to say. I really admire the team."

Manager, October 2023 - Customer Comment


"We really enjoy the team that we work with at CompuGroup Medical US, and our contact person and their team are on top of everything. We regularly have meetings with CompuGroup Medical US, and we go through any issues. There is a really quick response from CompuGroup Medical US when there are issues, and our point person handles the issues within a day or two. This individual at CompuGroup Medical US is just extremely responsive, and we have built a really good relationship over time. We are really happy with our point of contact at CompuGroup Medical US."

Manager, September 2023 - Customer Comment


"CompuGroup Medical US does a good job on some things with the denials rate. They help with things that they don't even need to help with. They have done a good job of cleaning up old stuff. I have been satisfied with all of the folks we work with. They do a good job. I would like the firm to be part of our long-term plans. The more I get into things and see what value the firm brings, the more I think the firm does a great job."

Manager, August 2023 - Customer Comment

About CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA

CompuGroup Medical is one of the leading e-health companies in the world. With a revenue base of EUR 1.130 billion in 2022, its software products are designed to support all medical and organizational activities in doctors' offices, pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals and social welfare institutions. Its information services for all parties involved in the healthcare system and its web-based personal health records contribute towards safer and more efficient healthcare. CompuGroup Medical's services are based on a unique customer base, including doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in inpatient and outpatient facilities, with locations in 21 countries and products in 60 countries worldwide. More than 9,200 highly qualified employees support customers with innovative solutions for the steadily growing demands of the healthcare system.

About KLAS

KLAS is a research and insights firm on a global mission to improve healthcare. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data and insights on software and services to deliver timely reports and performance data that represent provider and payer voices and act as catalysts for improving vendor performance. The KLAS research team publishes reports covering the most pressing questions facing healthcare technology today, including emerging technology insights, that provide early insights on the future of healthcare technology solutions. KLAS also fosters measurement and collaboration between healthcare providers and payers and best practice adoption. Learn more at

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