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Two nurses working in a physician's office
Two nurses working in a physician's office

More than an application, CGM PLUS is a true, cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform.

With a fully integrated practice management system and electronic health record, CGM PLUS is both intuitive—created by physicians for physicians—and feature-rich. Find everything you need to schedule, chart, and bill.

Ask us about CGM PLUS or discover our leading EHR platform, CGM APRIMA.

CGM PLUS delivers a convenient EHR

CGM PLUS is both intuitive and feature-rich, with everything you need to schedule, chart, and bill. Discover cutting-edge functions for patient tracking, physician and patient communication, code search and code recommendation.

With CGM PLUS, you can expect an intuitive, easy to use, flexible scheduling tool designed to meet the needs of your practice. Document care rapidly and efficiently with customizable templates and a deep library of prebuilt content.

Enjoy timely and accurate reimbursements thanks to a comprehensive set of billing and patient account receivables management features.

This true, cloud-based solution eliminates disruption and helps you focus on what’s most important: your patients.

A physician consulting with her patient

CompuGroup Medical is creating the future of e-health with trusted EHR and practice management solutions including CGM PLUS and our leading electronic health record, CGM APRIMA.

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Key benefits of CGM PLUS

Efficiency & Flexibility

Employ multiple note types for progress notes, procedures, communications, and other forms of documentation. Modern charting supports multi-view templates, free text, and voice recognition. Health summary views are fully customizable by physicians. All historical patient data is easily reviewed.

Intelligent Order Entry

Streamline the identification and creation of labs, referrals, and medications. Best-practice hints at the point of care provide additional support while clinicians can easily save common order sets. The automation frees staff to put their focus back on your patients.

Smart Data Cascading

The chart framework delivers a complete view of the patient. Intuitive and customizable options and a quick chronology tool make it easy to review chart-related information and activities within the patient context: health summary and notes, documents, orders and results, and reminders.

Patient Portal

CGM PLUS offers a powerful tool for patient engagement. Patients have their own mobile-friendly, personal health record (PHR) that is tightly connected to your EHR. Send results and other information securely to patients. Appointment requests and confirmations reduce staff burden, and patients can request medication refills.

User-Defined Dashboards

Customizable, role-based status widgets make it easy to show snapshots of important information so you can easily monitor and manage workload. Drill into different parts of the system to take care of messages, results, refills, and other tasks with hyperlinks to the appropriate charts, claims, and more.

Critical Reminders & Rules

Building upon an intelligent rules engine, providers can create sophisticated alerts to ensure patients are up to date with best-practice protocols. Keep up with quality requirements and tailor your ruleset to meet numerous other requirements including reminders to capture consents and HIPAA waivers.

Introducing Medicapaedia

Developed by CompuGroup Medical, Medicapaedia is a proprietary tool that contains a comprehensive vocabulary of clinical terminology including diagnosis, symptoms, orders, procedures, and observations.

Integrated within CGM PLUS, the Medicapaedia provides a number of benefits including quicker content updates, easier report retrieval through the use of structured concepts, and rapid note documentation through a concept being linked to multiple clinical vocabularies.

Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US
Thousands of practices have put their trust in EHR systems by CompuGroup Medical. Whether it's through established systems like CGM PLUS or our leading, modern solution, CGM APRIMA, CompuGroup Medical has become one of the nation's leading partners in e-health.

Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US

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