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Software for Reference Labs

Whether you're looking to improve your independent reference laboratory or are just getting started, choosing the best laboratory information system, or LIS, is the key to running an efficient, interconnected lab.

When it comes to software for reference labs, you should be prepared to consider the entire library of software options and modules. Depending on your specific testing menu, you may need much of it, and you can customize your system to suit your needs today and in the future.

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4000Labs Served
67Analyzer Companies Interfaced
30Years of LIS Experience

Software for reference laboratories delivers:


Your LIS connects workstations to the server, analyzers, client EMRs, your web portal, billing systems, providers, government agencies, and more. Streamline your reference lab with the right laboratory information system.


Management Tools

CompuGroup Medical offers two laboratory information systems with turnaround time reporting and other management tools. CGM LABDAQ goes further with LAB IQ, an interactive dashboard to provide analytics for test volumes, ordering patterns, and more.


Web Portal

Not all providers are able to connect electronically with your lab for orders and results. You need a cost-effective web portal to attract new clients and streamline your workflow with these providers.


Data Miner

Your lab generates a lot of data, and with Data Miner for CGM LABDAQ, you can easily query for patient results, billing information, controls, and requisitions. Personalize your results screen and save your queries for future access.


Inventory Management

Reduce costs, save time, and gain control of your inventory with the Inventory Management option for CGM LABDAQ. Track reagents and consumables to schedule alerts with lead times in mind to make sure you always have what you need on hand.


Workflow Management

You can increase the efficiency of your reference lab with a software option to save time whenever multiple intermediate steps, with or without results, are part of an overall process to generate a reportable result.


Integrated Billing

Both of the lab management systems by CompuGroup Medical can easily interface to your third-party billing software, but CGM SCHUYLAB stands apart for its fully integrated billing option. Bill for the tests your perform and receive remittance from insurers and consolidators from within your LIS.


Medical Necessity

Will you get paid for the work you do? Your LIS offers tools to ensure medical necessity for the tests you perform. Not only that, but an autoverification option for CGM LABDAQ reduces manual review and lets your staff focus on problematic results.


Multi-Language Support

For bilingual or non-English speaking labs, CompuGroup Medical offers multi-language support for its CGM SCHUYLAB Laboratory Information System. Bring techs onboard easily with an LIS that uses their native language.


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