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Lab software impresses clients with ease of use and high-volume testing

November 10, 2020 | Daniel Doll

CGM LABDAQ is the leading laboratory information system in the United States. Intuitive. Secure. Scalable.

A smiling laboratory technician who uses the CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System

CGM LABDAQ lab software manages high testing volumes easily for Brooklyn, New York, laboratory

"I’ve been in this business a long time and have worked with a lot of IT systems," said Robert Boorstein, MD, PhD, Medical Director for Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory in Brooklyn, New York.

"With CGM LABDAQ, I really appreciate how easy it is for a new user to be up and running without instruction: sending and finding results, making reports, etc. To me, this should be the standard for lab software, but these are things that are not necessarily typical of the industry," Dr. Boorstein said.

"We’ve been able to significantly add new products and do volumes of testing well beyond anything we’ve done before, all without the IT system becoming a crisis point."

Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory

Lenco is a full-service clinical reference laboratory offering clinical diagnostics at its best in Brooklyn, New York. Learn more about Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory.

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