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CGM SCHUYNET Laboratory Outreach Solution

Connect labs to providers and patients using the CGM SCHUYNET web portal

Transmit orders and results without the need for a new EMR interface

The CGM SCHUYNET Laboratory Outreach Solution allows physicians to securely order tests and access patient results online. An optional Patient Portal brings that easy access directly to patients.

CGM SCHUYNET is HIPAA compliant with a secure login based upon a powerful encryption/authentication routine.

CGM SCHUYNET allows your physicians to look up prior orders and print results in both report and graphical formats. Physicians may screen their orders for medical necessity as they are placed.

Customized order screens are also available to help increase the name recognition of your lab. 

CGM SCHUYNET and the connected laboratory

CGM SCHUYNET connects providers and patients to the lab. Easily and securely transmit orders and results.

CGM SCHUYNET Software Options

Patient Portal
QR Codes

Accept orders from providers online

Healthcare providers can quickly and conveniently order diagnostic procedures using CGM SCHUYNET. The Orders option is configured individually for each of your lab's clients, and eliminates the need for an interface to the client's EMR.

Customer-based order entry improves the accuracy of the orders. When coupled with Medical Necessity, CGM SCHUYNET facilitates the selection of adequate diagnoses for the laboratory tests just ordered. Advance Beneficiary Notices (ABNs) are also printed, as needed.

When the Barcode option is part of your system, labels are printed at the client’s practice to securely identify the patient samples at point of collection. With Orders for CGM SCHUYNET, the laboratory accessioning turns into a check-in process, where the samples and tests are validated, alterations are made as necessary (e.g. a tube broke on the way in), and the samples are activated in CGM SCHUYLAB Laboratory Information System. Streamline this process using barcode scanners, and your lab will enjoy peak efficiency.

Deliver reliable results securely

There is little that you can do to speed the transit of coolers full of specimens across town in rush hour, but once the samples arrive in the lab and analysis is complete, modern results dispersal allows healthcare providers to quickly and easily view results from any web browser.

CGM SCHUYNET is HIPAA compliant—it meets HIPAA security requirements for patient data.

The laboratory controls the security setup for each of its customers, determining the visibility of results to each physician in a practice. CGM SCHUYNET does not just present results, it allows clients to utilize custom graphs and .pdf reports that duplicate the results they would have received on paper from the laboratory.

All prior results and diagnoses on that patient are available with just a couple of button-clicks.

Offer patient access to lab results

As you know, HIPAA § 164.524 states, “ individual has a right of access to inspect and obtain a copy of protected health information about the individual in a designated record set, for as long as the protected health information is maintained in the designated record set…”

This information must not only be available—it must be provided in a timely manner. While this can be done with a paper copy, it can be done more efficiently online.

The Patient Portal is now available in CGM SCHUYLAB via the CGM SCHUYNET Laboratory Outreach Solution. Doctors and patients increasingly expect—and demand—that the patient can access their own laboratory result record online. Patient access has been one of our most-requested features—and it is now available for your laboratory.

By providing a Patient Portal from your CGM SCHUYLAB system, patients can look up their lab results directly and securely.  The doctor's office no longer needs to read lab results to patients over the phone or to mail out paper reports in an envelope.  The patient no longer has to drive across town to retrieve a paper copy of their results to take to a consultant. 

Patient access via the portal is easy and secure. The patient signs in securely online, and their most recent laboratory results are displayed. Past results can also be viewed for comparison. LOINC-code-enabled lookup of test information and graphing of a series of results are also available.

Create verifiable results with QR codes

Whenever an employer or other agency needs to verify a person's lab results, the optional QR code feature provides the simplest solution.

The QR code is applied to a special report from within CGM SCHUYLAB, and that mobile-friendly link points securely to the original results in CGM SCHUYNET. This second layer of verification confirms the authenticity of the paper result report.

Customize your web presence

Since CGM SCHUYNET is not third-party software, it can either integrate with your existing webpage, or stand on its own.

Either way, it advertises your laboratory, and not someone else’s third-party portal solution. Your physicians go to a webpage with your name and logo on it to retrieve their results—and they can do this anywhere they have web access.

CGM SCHUYNET provides a personalized utility that associates the increase in accessibility of results with the name of your laboratory. As a historical record of patients accumulates on your CGM SCHUYLAB system, your doctors will have access to more and more patient information. This is data that they will not want to lose by changing to another lab. In the meantime, your lab experiences a reduction in calls for reports and patient information.

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CGM SCHUYNET lets healthcare providers order tests from your lab online, without the need for an EMR interface.

CGM SCHUYNET lets healthcare providers order tests from your lab online, without the need for an EMR interface.

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