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Connect laboratories and providers with the CGM LABNEXUS web portal

Easy orders & rapid results; achieve greater connectivity with providers

CGM LABNEXUS arms laboratories that perform outreach testing with a web portal to stay connected to the providers they serve. The portal simplifies the information exchange process, improving the provider-laboratory workflow and allowing the lab to increase volume and grow without limits.

CGM LABNEXUS is an easy-to-use, intuitive, cloud-based system designed to help you grow your client base through greater convenience and direct connectivity.

With rapid information exchange, this innovative system expedites and streamlines the online order and results delivery process, resulting in increased collaboration and coordination of care for providers partnered with your organization.

Your customers can seamlessly connect with their critical laboratory data through their own EHR, the CGM LABNEXUS web portal, or their mobile device, enabling informed patient-care decisions anytime and anywhere.

CGM LABNEXUS and the connected laboratory

CGM LABNEXUS and the connected laboratory. Connect labs and providers to transmit orders and results securely and easily.

Key features of CGM LABNEXUS Laboratory Outreach Solution

  • Increased provider productivity
  • Reduced transcription errors
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • User-friendly CPOE
  • Secure, compliant cloud-based technology

With CGM LABNEXUS, the providers you serve will send orders and receive results from the CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System running in your lab.

With minimal IT resources required, CGM LABNEXUS is the perfect solution for your reference lab to grow its outreach business by providing fast orders and results.


Software Options

Electronic Signature
Patient Portal
Sales Portal
QR Codes

Scan documents during patient registration

The Scanning option for CGM LABNEXUS allows users to scan documents during patient registration. Maintain an electronic record for every patient: store insurance cards, identification, and other important documentation. Upload images directly from the scanner or by attaching existing files.

Capture patient signatures

The Electronic Signature option for CGM LABNEXUS captures patient signatures for drug and toxicology testing using this simple, paperless system. Store the required signatures for each lab order.

Offer patient access to lab results

The Patient Portal option for CGM LABNEXUS grants a patient electronic access to his or her own lab results and history. Patients can view the same detailed reports that a doctor would see.

Monitor lab volumes, trends, and insurance mix

The Sales Portal option for CGM LABNEXUS provides a laboratory’s salesperson access to his or her clients’ order and panel volumes, trends, and insurance mix. A user-friendly management dashboard displays the entire team’s stats and order volumes.

By implementing an additional export interface, CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System can send order information to CGM LABNEXUS to provide a complete overview for each salesperson.

Offer authentic, verifiable results

The QR Code feature for CGM LABNEXUS enables labs to generate a unique QR code on result reports to build a verifiable, mobile-friendly link between a patient and your lab's CGM LABNEXUS web portal.

A QR code report provides an authentic link whenever a person's lab tests must be verified by an employer, venue, agency, etc.

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CGM LABNEXUS captures patient signatures for drug and toxicology testing.

With the Electronic Signature option, CGM LABNEXUS captures patient signatures for drug and toxicology testing.

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Carl Smith, General Manager<br>Lab Division, CompuGroup Medical US
Carl Smith, General Manager, Lab Division, CompuGroup Medical US
CGM LABNEXUS is the perfect way for laboratories to attract new clients and get results back to providers as fast as possible.

Carl Smith, General Manager
Lab Division, CompuGroup Medical US