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CGM ELVI Telemedicine

Use CGM ELVI Telemedicine to provide secure, HIPAA-certified telehealth

Engage patients via web, phone, or mobile app

CompuGroup Medical’s HIPAA-certified telehealth solution. CGM ELVI offers you the ability to engage with patients via web, phone, or mobile app from anywhere in minutes.

CGM ELVI uses a secure, point-to-point connection when connecting providers and patients. It's the most secure way to protect patient information during a telehealth consultation.

The unique, multi-waiting room functionality enables administrative staff or your front desk to perform the pre-visit, patient check-in, so the online workflow mirrors your in-office experience.

Because it's a web-based solution, CGM ELVI works regardless of whatever EHR system a practice uses. Telemedicine is easy and quick to implement, and the CGM ELVI app—available in both the Google Play and iTunes app stores—is available for patients who are more comfortable using their mobile device.

Schedule virtual appointments or group sessions using this secure, HIPAA-certified platform, and eliminate unnecessary journeys for vulnerable patients by reviewing symptoms and sharing images and lab findings remotely.

CGM ELVI Telemedicine

CGM ELVI Telemedicine lends itself to a variety of healthcare practices including physicians, physical therapists, dentists, veterinarians, and more.

Benefits of CGM ELVI Telemedicine

Mitigate infectious disease

Being able to care for patients digitally means that you and your staff can avoid exposure to disease or illness - a risk that is often unavoidable with traditional in-office visits.

Offer more timely, effective care

Diagnosing and treating patients both quickly and effectively has never been simpler with CGM ELVI Telemedicine. Prescribe medication and provide treatment regimens to patients with ease.

Ensure patient comfort

Patients can be seen by their physician from the comfort of their own home, and providers can attend to patients from anywhere, at any time with a HIPAA-compliant solution.

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A guide to telehealth vendors in the age of COVID-19
A guide to telehealth vendors in the age of COVID-19

CGM ELVI Telemedicine earns media attention

Ron K. Reynolds, MD, President & CEO, Beach Family & Urgent Care
Telehealth requires less staffing, and it can be done from one of our current sites. This means we see some generalized cost savings.

Ron K. Reynolds, MD, President & CEO, Beach Family & Urgent Care

Features of CGM ELVI Telemedicine

  • Web-based application
  • Secure, point-to-point video calls
  • Sharing of images, findings, and vitals
  • Multiple waiting rooms for multiple physicians or for patients with or without appointments
  • Admin/front desk pre-visit patient check-in
  • Multi-browser compatible
  • Works with all Windows and Apple operating systems

Key benefits of CGM ELVI Telemedicine

  • Respond during work or after hours
  • Initiate therapies more rapidly
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Provide immobile patients with continuous care
  • Provide HIPAA-compliant care from any location
  • Avoid unnecessary journeys for vulnerable patients
  • Reduce workload of doctors and staff