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Implement a powerful laboratory information system, and connect to analyzers, EMR systems, practice management systems, billing software, and more. Lab software brings providers, laboratories, and reference labs together by enabling efficient workflows and securely transmitting patient health information.

CompuGroup Medical improves performance of its leading laboratory software
CGM LABDAQ® Laboratory Information System delivers new lab software ...
CGM LABDAQ, Lab Software | Daniel Doll
Opening a Reference Lab
Opening a reference lab: 6 things to consider

Are you thinking about opening a reference lab? It's a challenging and competitive industry, but you can get a head ...

Lab Software | Daniel Doll
Laboratory Workflow
6 ways LIS software improves your laboratory workflow

Quick turnaround times are important. For the clinical laboratory, turnaround times (TAT) are used as a

Lab Software, CGM LABDAQ, CGM SCHUYLAB | Daniel Doll
LIS to increase lab reimbursements
Using your LIS to increase lab reimbursements

Faced with decreasing reimbursements and limitations in coverage, clinical laboratories struggle to maximize their ...

Lab Software, Reimbursements | Daniel Doll
CompuGroup Medical introduces QR code for COVID-19 test results
New QR code for COVID-19 test results helps verify proof of negative test results

Patients can ...

CGM LABNEXUS, CGM SCHUYNET, Lab Software | Daniel Doll
LIS software: the key to interfaces and connectivity

The laboratory information system, or LIS, is a critical part of the successful clinical laboratory. Driving that ...

CGM LABDAQ, CGM SCHUYLAB, Lab Software | Daniel Doll
QR codes for COVID-19 test validation
How QR codes are improving the US response to COVID-19

Even as the delta and other variants compound the effects of vaccine hesitancy—prolonging the nation's battle with COVID-19—many in America are attempting to return to some sort of pre-coronavirus normalcy. ...

CGM LABNEXUS, CGM SCHUYNET, Lab Software | Daniel Doll