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Technical Support is essential for the clinical laboratory

July 2, 2021 | Daniel Doll

For years, the medical laboratory profession has pushed forward against the winds of a shortage in the workforce. With an increasing need for lab professionals, this shortage is "approaching crisis levels," according to the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.

If you manage one of these labs, the shortage has affected you, and the situation is compounded by the industry's increasing demand to continually do more with less.

Through automation and efficiencies in the clinical laboratory workflow, CompuGroup Medical designs its laboratory information systems to help labs meet these challenges. Powerful lab management software is an essential component of a successful laboratory, but software alone is no replacement for the benefits of a larger workforce.

That's why Technical Support is so important.

Benefits of CGM SCHUYLAB Technical Support

An extension of your laboratory

Contracting with CompuGroup Medical for Technical Support is the easiest way to bolster a thinly stretched workforce.

For lab management software, CompuGroup Medical has two distinct teams in Technical Support, and each one focuses exclusively on its own LIS: CGM LABDAQ or CGM SCHUYLAB.

The CGM SCHUYLAB Technical Support team, for example, operates out of its own offices in Columbia, Missouri, and has been serving clients since 1994. There is no one more qualified to help you with your LIS and your clinical workflow.

Highly rated by clients, CompuGroup Medical's Technical Support teams resolve the majority of issues on the first phone call. When professional support is just one phone call or email away, your lab staff is never on its own.

Benefits of Technical Support

Technical Support is ready to assist labs at the bench, with data and reporting, or with managing your business.

At the Bench

It's essential that benchwork runs as smoothly as possible, so Technical Support is there to assist with workflow, LIS functionality, automation, and any necessary or beneficial changes. Common solutions from the CGM SCHUYLAB Technical Support team include:

  • Adding new tests
  • Updating reference ranges
  • Creating new worksheets
  • Altering barcode labels
  • Creating custom panels

Data & Reporting

CompuGroup Medical's experts know that testing is only part of the job. Technical Support understands the importance of managing data and delivering results, and our experts can help with:

  • Setting up, updating, or using QC
  • Managing analyzer and EHR interfaces
  • Establishing and running daily backups

Managing Your Lab

Above all, Technical Support is committed to helping labs maintain productivity and ensuring that each client is using its LIS to its full potential. CompuGroup Medical supports labs with:

  • Boosting productivity
  • Overseeing your operations
  • Creating or updating managerial reports
  • Updating report headers and result layouts
  • Analyzing test volume by department, client, or physician

Simply put, you tell CGM what you need, and our expert teams will work with you to make it happen.

Updates & Exclusive Options

In addition to the direct assistance of our Technical Support teams, laboratories who contract with CGM receive additional benefits including software updates and access to exclusive software options.

Periodic updates to your laboratory information system are necessary to maintain an efficient, useful, and compliant LIS, and these updates are included with your support plan. CompuGroup Medical is always striving to improve its systems, expanding your functionality and increasing your efficiency. CGM also monitors evolving industry standards and requirements to keep you working optimally and in full compliance with regulations such as the CLIA program.

Continuing the example of CGM SCHUYLAB, recent software updates have included easy and compliant COVID-19 result reporting, new data fields for the Patient Portal, and support of alternate patient IDs to help labs interface more easily with multiple EHRs while still linking to a single, universal patient ID.

With an active LIS support plan, you will enjoy access to software options that can greatly expand the capabilities of your lab software as the needs of your laboratory change over time.

There are many possibilities, but several popular options include a Turnaround Time Monitor with a heads-up display, a Survey module that enables the rapid import of large numbers of orders, and the upcoming Notifications option to send text or email notices to patients and providers as soon as lab results are available.

Doing more with less

CompuGroup Medical's Technical Support staff is an invaluable extension of your laboratory. Rise above the challenges of a limited workforce and the need to do more with less.

Our staff focuses exclusively on CGM LABDAQ or CGM SCHUYLAB and has the experience to help with workflows and automation, backups and connectivity, and oversight and reporting.

Partner with CGM, and enjoy frequent software updates and enhancements, as well as access to options that increase the power of your laboratory information system.

Help your laboratory reach peak efficiency with a powerful LIS and the dedicated, in-house experts that support it.

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