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The #1 cloud-based LIS for anatomic pathology

August 27, 2020

CGM AP EASY delivers a cloud-based lab software solution. It's anatomic pathology made easy.

Lab technician at a microscope

At CompuGroup Medical, we have spent he last 25+ years working with anatomic pathology labs to identify the unique challenges laboratories face with patient security and confidentiality, system reliability, and conscientious spending.

To help alleviate these concerns, we have developed the cloud-based CGM AP EASY Laboratory Information System. We host our LIS in secure, reliable, HIPAA-compliant storage centers.

Pros of the #1 cloud-based LIS 

By using CGM AP EASY, you increase security and system reliability. The cloud-based LIS market is maturing, and CGM AP EASY has been at the forefront.

Many in leadership roles have realized the cloud is a viable IT service delivery model. With CGM AP EASY, you get an expertly managed cloud-based solution that will strengthen your lab's overall cybersecurity structure with additional layers of security and monitoring.

In addition to increased security, laboratories that select our standard cloud-based platform obtain a cost-effective solution without the capital layout or expenditure for internal IT staff to maintain and service the infrastructure. All you need to access your software is an internet connection!

A subscription service pricing model levels cost.

Our cloud-based LIS increases data redundancy and system availability. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we automatically back up your data and because of the nature of our storage, we have unbeatable disaster recovery options. This added data protection means your laboratory never has to worry about servers crashing or losing data and because of the way we apply updates this will also minimize downtime.

Cloud-model cost advantage

One of the main advantages of CGM AP EASY is its cost efficiency. We take care of hosting, and this eliminates cost peaks that occur over time, like hardware replacement. As a result, this allows labs to use resources that would be needed to support a robust IT infrastructure in other areas. In effect, labs that use CGM AP EASY get a cost-effective solution without having to strain resources on a large, internal IT staff to maintain and service the infrastructure.

CGM AP EASY enhances data security

When you sign up for CGM AP EASY, CompuGroup Medical secures your data and reduces the burden on your organization's IT staff.

In a lab setting, it is vital to have continual access to your systems and data. It is also crucial that you have a fail-over plan in case of an unexpected instance or disaster.

To ensure minimal downtime and continual access, CGM AP EASY provides enhanced alternatives for fail-over options. We clone your data and store it in multiple data centers to increase data redundancy. By doing this, CompuGroup Medical is able to provide a high level of disaster recovery.

In the event of a failure, CGM AP EASY enables the near seamless transfer from one data center to a backup. If you've ever had a server crash, you know what a game changer this is.

CompuGroup Medical offers a secure hosting environment that simplifies system management and maintenance and provides a cost-efficient solution to ensure information systems are accessible and secure. Fixed payments provide a solid return on investment by reducing costs associated with IT overhead, hardware updates, downtime, and disaster recovery.

As the #1 cloud-based LIS for anatomic pathology, CGM AP EASY delivers superior system performance through state-of-the-art technology that keeps your system up-to-date, and it allows your laboratory to focus on providing quality patient results.

We want to hear from you! Let's discuss your individual needs and design a deployment that works for your specific lab. For more information, please review our CGM AP EASY page, or contact our sales team at +1 (800) 359-0911.

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