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Software for Physician Office Labs

Whether you're looking to improve your POL or are just getting started, choosing the best laboratory information system, or LIS, is the key to running a fast, patient-focused lab.

When you're implementing software for physician office labs, consider streamlining your workflow with interfaces to analyzers, EMR and practice management software, and reference labs. CompuGroup Medical will tailor your system to meet your needs, just like you tailor your testing menu to better serve your patients.

Our lab software is modular and scalable, which means you can start with what you need today and easily add interfaces, workstations, and options as your POL grows.

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Software for physician office laboratories offers:

EHR & PM Integration

Whether your practice opts for a complete EHR and practice management solution such as CGM APRIMA, CGM webPRACTICE Practice Management for its integration with CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System, or another solution, choose an LIS that makes the integration easy and affordable.


RCM Services

Aging AR becoming a problem? Writing off too many claims? Our experts help with part or all of your claims process, and we only get paid when you collect.

ARIA RCM Services

Management Tools

CompuGroup Medical offers two laboratory information systems with turnaround time reporting and other management tools. Monitor your testing history to help you adjust your menu and use your reference labs more effectively.


Medical Necessity

Will you get paid for the work you do? Your LIS offers tools to ensure medical necessity for the tests you perform. This is particularly useful if you decide to open your POL without a direct EMR interface.


Document Management

The Document Management option assists lab managers with compliance by ensuring that lab staff has access to the most recent documentation while also recording the review of lab policies and procedures.


Multi-Language Support

For bilingual or non-English speaking labs, CompuGroup Medical offers multi-language support for its CGM SCHUYLAB Laboratory Information System. Bring techs onboard easily with an LIS that uses their native language.



If your practice specializes in dermatology, you can use an in-house LIS to manage your testing and integrate with your EHR and practice management system.



Your POL will need to be CLIA compliant, laboratory inspections will require less preparation with options for quality control and user-defined rules that ensure laboratory procedures are followed.

Trusted Support

Your lab staff is never on its own. CompuGroup Medical offers dedicated, in-house technical support for both of its leading LIS platforms. Keep your lab running efficiently with trusted support during any phase of the testing process.

Lab Management Software

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