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healthcare reimbursement solutions

Healthcare reimbursement solutions for billing services

Reimbursement solutions, revenue cycle management, EHR solutions, and practice management


In order to reduce errors, increase revenue, and keep the focus where it belongs—on patient care—many medical practices outsource their medical billing services to independent companies like yours.

An independent medical billing service will process, submit, and follow up on health insurance claims to save practices the time and frustration associated with each. To help you accomplish these tasks and earn your company a strong reputation, CompuGroup Medical offers the eMEDIX clearinghouse with its intuitive and transparent online interface.

You may also wish to differentiate your service from the competition by offering your clients additional value, including coding and administrative services. To help you build such a full-featured enterprise, CompuGroup Medical offers practice management solutions with strong, built-in billing functionality. If your billing service wishes to sign a value-added reseller agreement to provide EHR systems to your clients, CompuGroup Medical has an electronic health record system for that, as well.

One of the key benefits of contracting with a medical billing service is the reduction of stress it brings to providers. Why stop there? Bring down the stress at your independent billing company by implementing and offering the expert solutions of CompuGroup Medical.

Healthcare reimbursement solutions and medical software to fully-equip
any independent billing service

Reimbursement Solutions

You need to maximize reimbursements by submitting claims to a clearinghouse you can trust, and the clearinghouse should function independently of whatever billing software your currently use.

eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management

End-to-end revenue cycle management, credentialing, and enrollment services for healthcare organizations ranging from large entities to small practices.

ARIA RCM Services

Practice Management Solutions

You offer practice management services and need a system with strong billing functionality.



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eMEDIX earns CAQH CORE Phase II Certification
eMEDIX achieves CAQH CORE Phase I Certification for seamless, secure healthcare administrative data exchange
RCM software by eMEDIX delivers better claims process
Medical billers rely on CGM DAQbilling

CGM DAQbilling offers reliable administration, technical support

CGM's practice management solutions certified nationally

eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions adopted by BHSA

eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions partners with Behavioral Health Services Association