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CGM's practice management solutions certified nationally

May 21, 2014

CGM webPRACTICE is a web-based, or SaaS, practice management system designed for practices to manage all billing and operational needs.

CGM receives ICD-10 certification for two of its practice management solutions: CGM webPRACTICE and CGM ENTERPRISE PM, from the National Testing Platform (NTP)

NTP is a program that facilitates end-to-end testing using the same data across all participating entities with the objective of measuring ICD-10 readiness against key metrics.  

The certification, received on May 6, 2014, signifies that CGM webPRACTICE and CGM ENTERPRISE PM practice management solutions have been determined to be in compliance for vendor ICD-10 functionality as it relates to HIPAA 5010 transactions.

The testing process at NTP is carried out in a manner that allows each qualifying software solution to be tested against the same standards. This ensures consistency and precision in the review of key metrics such as coding and medical billing accuracy, as well as HIPAA EDI compliance and clearinghouse translation, among others.

As versatile solutions that are optimized for billing efficiency and comprehensive reporting, CGM webPRACTICE and CGM ENTERPRISE PM support maximum revenue collection and enhanced workflow.

“We take pride in knowing that our software solutions are making a significant contribution to the delivery of high quality and financially sustainable health care. As a reliable partner to our customers, even with the delay in the implementation of ICD-10, CGM has persisted with the investment of time and resources to ensure that our solutions are ICD-10 enabled. The certification we have now received for CGM webPRACTICE and CGM ENTERPRISE PM serves as proof. Certification of our easiest-to-use PM solution, CGM DAQbilling is expected in June. And we are also aggressively pursuing ICD-10 readiness for our integrated practice management and electronic health record solution, CGM CLINICAL™, and we expect to achieve this as well as the certification in June. We encourage our customers to forge ahead with the steps that they have taken to prepare for the ICD-10 implementation as the next deadline scheduled for 2015 is fast approaching,” says Kent Broström, COO, CGM US.

Commenting on the certification of CGM’s practice management solutions, Senior Program Manager of the National Testing Platform, Ebony D. Morgan said, “It is very encouraging to see that CGM is maintaining the momentum on ICD-10 in spite of the recent change in the implementation timeline. I congratulate the leadership and staff of CGM for forging ahead with the kind of technological innovation that is necessary to ensure the success of their customers’ efforts to deliver quality healthcare.”

National Testing Platform

The ICD-10 National Testing Platform is a collaborative testing platform for hospitals, physicians, vendors, clearinghouses and health plans that is managed by the Lott QA Group. NTP utilizes actual medical records and applies cloud-based technology in its testing processes. In addition to testing, NTP offers a complete ICD-10 ecosystem including assessments, financial analysis, dual-coding, clinical documentation, training and project management through our business partners. Learn more about the National Testing Program.

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