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CGM DAQbilling offers reliable administration, technical support

November 10, 2020

CGM DAQbilling delivers a cost-effective practice management solution that integrates seamlessly with lab management software.

CGM DAQbilling Practice Management Solution

After five years using CGM DAQbilling, Kimberly Smith's Billing has built an outstanding relationship with CGM

"I have worked with CGM DAQbilling for five-plus years and have had an outstanding working relationship with the team at CompuGroup Medical," said Kimerly Smith, Kimberly Smith's Billing, Stafford, Virginia.

"I have found the technical support team to be very knowledgeable of the system, especially Chris and Terry. CGM DAQbilling has made the administrative sector of my business run extremely smoothly. The sales staff for CGM DAQbilling has always handled my needs. CGM DAQbilling is very user friendly. I would recommend CGM DAQbilling to anyone."

Kimberly Smith's Billing

Kimberly Smith’s Billing is a billing company located in Stafford, Virginia. The company primarily operates in the accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services industry.

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