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Save time, save lives, save money —
CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring

A cutting-edge, real-time telehealth solution

CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring delivers a real-time telehealth solution, supporting clinics and social institutions in their mission to treat immobile or distant patients, and to offer superior care for patients with chronic conditions.

CGM RPM is an easy-to-use platform that encourages patients to stick to their care plans and captures remotely measured vital signs in real-time. This allows providers to see if symptoms or medication changes are going according to treatment plan.

Patients track their health easily using their fully integrated CGM HealthHub mobile device. It records measurements from prescribed devices, such as a pulse oximeter, and sends that information wirelessly to the physician.

Special alerts notify the provider if a measurement goes beyond a threshold and requires immediate attention, and a connection can be established using CGM ELVI Telemedicine.

With Medicare reimbursements, practices could expect to bring in up to $720 per patient, per year.

Expand your reach, reduce re-admissions, and offer superior care for patients with chronic conditions.

This cloud-based solution integrates with an assortment of patient-health devices

  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Thermometer
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Glucose Meter
  • Bluetooth Weight Scale
  • Spirometer
CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring
Doctors & Professionals

Earn up to $720 per patient, per year

CGM RPM allows providers to offer superior care and better outcomes to patients with chronic conditions.

With Medicare reimbursements, practices offering CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring could expect to bring in $720 per patient, per year. Practices could also expand their reach, targeting more distant patients than before.

Originally developed for the remote monitoring of older patients with moderate to severe chronic illnesses, CompuGroup Medical offers this solution for health and social services to increase access to care and to limit the spread of infectious disease. Remotely monitor vitals and health values such as the oxygen saturation of the blood, pulse, blood pressure, and body temperature.

Web portal access for clinics, doctors, and nursing professionals

  • Define a personalized monitoring plan with measurement intervals, required parameters, and the corresponding notification thresholds
  • View patient data, contacts, and other accompanying information
  • Track and evaluate the course of the patient's vitals and health values
  • Understand and classify notifications when threshold values are exceeded

Secure communication via video consultation

If a patient's health deteriorates, contact can be made by video consultation using CGM ELVI Telemedicine. With CGM ELVI, the doctor and patient can communicate securely with an encrypted, point-to-point connection that allows a visual dialog. No separate software installation is required for this.

Comprehensive, remote care for patients

Patients use the CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring app on their prescribed smartphone device to integrate with the patient health devices they are using.

A pulse oximeter measures heartbeat and oxygen saturation at regular intervals. If desired, a blood pressure monitor provides additional data. The devices transmit their measured values ​​to the smartphone via Bluetooth and from there to the hospital or doctor's office. The patient can provide additional values ​​manually via the app.

With Remote Patient Monitoring, patients will receive:

  • Comprehensive service, including available assistance for installing the patient app or connecting the smartphone to the pulse oximeter
  • The patient app with automated data measurement; the possibility of manual data entry (e.g. body temperature); and reminder functions for pending activities, symptom checks, and other information
  • Bluetooth pulse oximeter for measuring pulse and oxygen saturation
  • Additional components or sensors such as a Bluetooth blood pressure monitor
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A patient using a pulse oximeter as part of their remote patient monitoring program

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CompuGroup Medical simplifies provider access to telemedicine

Benefits & Features of Remote Patient Monitoring

Setups & Results

Offer an assortment of wireless health devices, including the CGM Pulse Oximeter, and customize the setups and results for each patient's needs.

Save Time, Save Lives

Save time and money by routinely collecting your patient measurements for easy access and immediate review. Reduce the number of hospital visits, and increase patient satisfaction.

Data Security. Accountability.

Access patient health data securely using CompuGroup Medical's secure, cloud-based server architecture.

Real-Time Updates

Track the health and condition of patients from any location, at any time, with alerts whenever immediate attention is needed.

Data-Driven Decisions

Analyze real-time patient measurements to make immediate, data-driven care decisions and foster better patient outcomes.

Wireless Measurements

Patients easily take measurements from home using Bluetooth-enabled medical devices, as prescribed.