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CGM LABNEXUS: Update to the newest version

Scroll down for a high-level overview of the improvements and other developments introduced in the latest version of CGM LABNEXUS.

Existing CGM LABNEXUS clients should contact Technical Support for access to the latest version.

If your reference lab uses the CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System and has yet to implement CGM LABNEXUS as part of your laboratory outreach program, contact your Account Manager to learn more about this integrated web portal.

What's new in CGM LABNEXUS ver. 19.3?

Introduced in April 2021, CGM LABNEXUS version 19.3 features many improvements and enhancements for existing CGM LABNEXUS users.

User Interface & User Experience

  • Easier navigational controls to expand and collapse Inbox rows
  • Ability to customize Inbox default display to user preference
  • Lab Order page improvements with more intuitive ways to navigate times, dates, diagnosis codes and panel searches
  • Reports can now be opened in a new browser window and printed either from there or saved as a PDF, Word or text file
  • Warning notifications when a provider signature is removed

General Improvements

  • Ability to deactivate patients, removing them from searches
  • User setup improvements including sorting by status
  • Matching CGM LABDAQ user-defined field types, enabling easier setup

Patient Portal

Note: This software option is sold separately and must be implemented before you can enjoy these benefits.

  • Simplified registration process
  • Streamlined results page for easier navigation
  • Improved email notification process
  • Improved user listing report shows both registered and pending patients
  • Improved user login audit report

Next steps


Contact Lab Technical Support to schedule your complementary software update. Software updates are included as part of your software maintenance agreement.


Learn more about adopting the powerful CGM LABNEXUS web portal by contacting your Account Manager today.