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CGM LABDAQ software options to optimize your LIS

CGM LABDAQ is a scalable laboratory information system.

As your clinical laboratory evolves over time, CGM LABDAQ can grow with you.

Accommodate more users, workstations, and sites with additional interfaces and licenses. Expand the functionality offered to your clients and patients with help from popular software options like these:

CGM LABDAQ software options

Document Management*

Assist lab managers with compliance using Document Management

Document Management for the CGM LABDAQ labratory information system assists lab managers with compliance by ensuring that lab staff has access to the most recent documentation while also recording the review of lab policies and procedures.

Managers will save time by assigning personnel to sign documents and will no longer be required to review procedure manuals to find signature statuses.

Key features of Document Management

  • Provides web-based, remote access to documents
  • Ensures documentation integrity by providing only the most up-to-date documents
  • Features an intuitive interface that shows due dates for documents pending staff review
  • Provides managers with access to overdue documents
  • Generates email reminders that can be sent prior to and after the due date if document review is still pending
Inventory Management*

Gain control of your inventory with Inventory Management

Inventory Management for the CGM LABDAQ laboratory information system reduces costs, saves time, and helps you gain control of your inventory.

Users spend less time on administrative tasks, easily tracking reagents and consumables and recording which reagents were used for which tests. Alerts notify users of low inventory levels and approaching expiration dates, decreasing emergency shipments, possible send outs, and reducing waste. Users can easily locate and discard expired reagents to reduce lab citations.

Key features of Inventory Management

  • Displays item quantity, manufacturer, lot number, receipt date, expiration, storage conditions and location, and special handling instructions
  • Prints barcode labels for inventory items
  • Allows techs to remove items from inventory with a barcode scanner
  • Alerts users of low inventory and approaching expiration dates based on user-defined thresholds
  • Supports inventory auditing
  • Tracks which patients were tested with each reagent lot
Lab IQ*

View laboratory performance metrics with Lab IQ

Lab IQ for CGM LABDAQ is an interactive dashboard that allows users to view laboratory performance metrics.

With a user-friendly dashboard, Lab IQ offers business insight through advanced analytics and reporting. Lab IQ eliminates manual processes and increases efficiency to help laboratories make informed business decisions.

Laboratories can view and evaluate

  • Test volumes
  • Ordering patterns
  • Turnaround times
  • Financial trends

Reference labs can evaluate these metrics by client to monitor performance and ensure customer satisfaction. Monitor staff efficiency, productivity, and lab profitability.

Lab Insights*

Monitor laboratory workflow with Lab Insights

Lab Insights is an upgraded version of Manager Review for CGM LABDAQ ver. 22.3 and above. (Users with older versions may still purchase Manager Review, but all labs are encouraged to update to the latest version of CGM LABDAQ instead.)

Lab Insights allows users to easily monitor laboratory workflow from specimen collection to lab receipt to test completion. Lab staff will no longer have to pull multiple reports to ensure that testing is being completed as expected.

A customizable, dynamic layout allows managers to view all kinds of internal details at a glance: turnaround time, pending samples, samples to be collected, samples received, and panels to be reviewed for release. Enjoy an overview and status update of everything in your lab. Has something run? Is it pending? Lab Insights is a key part of a busy laboratory's workday.

Key features of Lab Insights

  • Dynamic layout with ability to address issues from a single screen
  • Quick access to data across multiple lab facilities and clients
  • Real-time turnaround time monitor
  • Secondary result review with electronic signature prior to release

Especially helpful for reference labs or facilities with remote sites, Lab Insights saves time and provides quick and easy access to important information.

PCR Linking*

Simplify PCR setup

PCR Linking for CGM LABDAQ simplifies PCR setup and makes it easier to report isolate and antibiotic sensitivities. Produce accurate results much more quickly than through traditional testing methods. Increase your throughput and grow your revenues.

Key benefits of PCR Linking

  • Allows users to easily define linkages between antibiotics, isolates, and resistance markers
  • Simplifies PCR setup and reporting, eliminating the need for complex functions
  • Automates antibiotic sensitivity reporting
  • Results can be processed in hours vs. days

With PCR Linking, you can define the linkages between antibiotics and pathogens, antibiotics and resistance markers, and pathogens and resistance markers. With this information, PCR Linking will automate the reporting of a sensitive or resistant antibiotic result—no complex functions required.

Users can also update linkages by simply checking or unchecking one of the boxes in your PCR Linking table.

Note: Client is responsible for providing all linkage data to the CGM implementation team for its addition to CGM LABDAQ.

Specimen Storage*

Document specimen locations within CGM LABDAQ

Specimen Storage for the CGM LABDAQ laboratory information system documents the storage location of specimens following testing. Users can quickly and easily find stored specimens for retesting or to send to other facilities for additional testing.

Key features of Specimen Storage

  • Provides specimen locations directly from requisition maintenance
  • Enables creation of racks based on rack dimensions
  • Allows users to scan specimens into user-defined racks for storage after testing

Designed for reference labs and facilities performing moderate- to high-volume testing and facing decreased reimbursements, Specimen Storage is a user-friendly tool that provides the opportunity for significant increases in efficiency.

Workflow Management*

Increase efficiency with Workflow Management

Workflow Management for the CGM LABDAQ laboratory information system increases efficiency by facilitating workflows where multiple intermediate steps, with or without results, are part of an overall process to generate a reportable result.

Workflow Management saves time. Users can easily query pending orders and build plate maps for each workflow step. This alleviates manual documentation and plate map assignment.

Key features of Workflow Management

  • Configures and assigns test plates, including assigning specific wells for quality control
  • Builds a worklist of specimens to be tested for each workflow step
  • Assigns specimens to specific plate positions
  • Employs rules to coordinate testing across multiple workflow steps
  • Exports well assignments to analyzers prior to testing
  • Imports results for each well from the analyzer
API Proficiency Export

Export proficiency testing data

Allows labs to electronically export proficiency testing data to API proficiency software. Eliminates manual keying of PT data, provides data export, and offers real-time connection.


Automatically verify results

Enables CGM LABDAQ to automatically verify results based on laboratory-defined criteria. Greatly reduces manual review time and allows staff to focus on potentially problematic specimens and results. Criteria includes flags, result values, specimen type, associated tests, and more.


Receive orders and send results online

The CGM LABNEXUS web portal outreach solution is designed to support laboratories with an easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant web portal. Providers can access laboratory data anytime, anywhere. The portal provides labs with limitless growth opportunities as they compete in targeted markets. 

Quick, web-based access to lab results improves client satisfaction and loyalty through improved communication and decreased turnaround times.

Learn more about the CGM LABNEXUS Laboratory Outreach Solution


CGM LABSIGN Document Management System

Track signatures on procedures and documents in the cloud

Eliminate the waste and burden of your binders and paper filing systems by storing and tracking your procedures, policies, and personnel documents in the cloud.

Send new and revised documents out for approval or employee sign-off electronically with the stand-alone CGM LABSIGN Document Management System.

Client Services

Improve your client outreach with Client Services

Need a better way to support your outreach clients?

Client Services for the CGM LABDAQ laboratory information system is a user-friendly solution for supporting your clients. Store client contact information for quick, easy access. Create open calls, update existing calls, and view communication history with your outreach clients.

Key features of Client Services

  • Provides a single screen to manage client contacts, calls, and attachments
  • Logs and tracks all calls from your client locations
  • Provides quick access to clients that require follow-up actions
  • Sorts calls by category and priority
  • Allows users to open calls while in requisition maintenance without interrupting workflow
  • Permits administrators to track calls by user groups
  • Includes call history and call summary reports

Turn your keyboard into a cell counter with DAQcounter

DAQcounter for the CGM LABDAQ laboratory information system turns your lab's keyboard into a cell counter.

DAQcounter can be used for both manual differentials and urine microscopic studies. Laboratories can customize units of measure to conform to their current reporting terminology. DAQcounter eliminates the need for external cell counters, because values are entered directly into the LIS.

Key features of DAQcounter

  • Allows direct input for urine microscopies and manual cell differentials
  • Enables users to customize units of measure
  • Accommodates manual differentials based on either 100- or 50-cell counts

Redefine your laboratory administration with DAQvantage

DAQvantage for the CGM LABDAQ laboratory information system offers a scheduler and lab calendar to redefine administration of the laboratory and allow you to better manage specific tasks and resources.

Key features of DAQvantage

  • Provides a calendar for staffing purposes, analyzer maintenance and calibration, and QC tasks such as control lot validation or proficiency testing
  • Allows users to communicate with staff and document assigned tasks using an intra-lab mail system
  • Enables managers to assign one-time and recurring tasks
Data Miner

Gain access to detailed laboratory information

Data Miner for the CGM LABDAQ laboratory information system saves time and provides access to detailed laboratory information. Data Miner queries include patient results, billing information, controls, and requisitions.

Queried data can be filtered by fields including date range, tests, patient demographics, and more. Data Miner filters can be saved for future queries, allowing for easy access and rapid query generation.

Key features of Data Miner

  • Includes queries for billing functions, controls, requisitions, insurances, patient results, and patient outcome tracking
  • Allows users to define database queries for specific data combinations
  • Allows users to personalize grid views
  • Saves custom filters for common, recurring queries
  • Prints data in a grid format or exports to Microsoft Excel
Medical Necessity Checking

Improve your Medicare billing with Medical Necessity Checking

The CGM LABDAQ laboratory information system can provide medical necessity checking to ensure orders contain appropriate diagnosis codes and meet frequency limits.

Add Medical Necessity Checking to your LIS to prevent costly denials. Medical Necessity Checking uses up-to-date CodeMap® data files, including NCD and LCD files.

Key features of Medical Necessity Checking

  • Ensures medical necessity checking is performed
  • Provides quarterly updates of CodeMap® data files including CPT-to-diagnosis code pairs
  • Determines if diagnosis codes are valid for tests being ordered
  • Maximizes Medicare reimbursements for lab testing
Medication Compliance

Analyze and report patient results for medication consistency

CGM LABDAQ Medication Compliance flags results as consistent or inconsistent based on a patient’s prescribed medication.

Your lab can distinguish itself by choosing a CGM LABDAQ Medication Compliance report—or customizing your own—that best serves your clients. Convey critical information to providers in a concise, easy-to-interpret report.

Key features of Medication Compliance

  • Interfaces with drug screening and confirmation testing instruments
  • Automates ordering of confirmatory tests based on screening test results using user-defined rules
  • Generates reports with drug screen and confirmatory test results
  • Alerts users if a specimen is suspected of adulteration
  • Reports consistent or inconsistent status based on a patient's test results and prescribed medications

Client Testimonial

“I especially like the LC/MS Medication Compliance report. The first page gives our providers a quick answer about consistent and inconsistent test results based on the patient’s medication list. The second page shows the quantitative levels of found compounds. These reports are our client-deliverable product and reflect our lab’s analytical credibility. CGM LABDAQ delivers exactly what we wanted.” -Laboratory Tech Supervisor, Arizona Pain Specialists


Scan important documents directly into CGM LABDAQ

Scans and attaches important documents directly into CGM LABDAQ at the patient or requisition level. Attachments can include any file type. Additional hard drive space may be required.

*Option available exclusively for CGM LABDAQ.