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Update to CGM LABDAQ ver. 23.3

Scroll down for a high-level overview of the enhancements introduced in the latest version of CGM LABDAQ as well as many of the base improvements compared to our previous lab software, LabDAQ 4.

Existing CGM LABDAQ clients should contact Technical Support for access to the latest version.

LabDAQ 4 users may contact their Client Sales Executive to begin the transition to the new platform and the latest version of CGM LABDAQ.

What's in the latest version of CGM LABDAQ?

Introduced in October 2023, CGM LABDAQ version 23.3 features many enhancements for existing CGM LABDAQ users, including improvements to these powerful software options: Inventory Management and Workflow Management.

  • Inventory Management now allows users to:
    • Add expiration dates for reagents that have been opened and added to an analyzer
    • Edit lot numbers and expiration dates of consumable and reagent shipments
    • Delete inventory that was put into use
  • Improved column chooser allows users to:
    • Display a column for location in Lab Insights, Requisition Maintenance, and Workflow Management
  • Workflow Management includes updates to:
    • Add microbiology panels to a workflow
    • Delay the prompt for the next analyzer until all results are in for the previous one
  • Compendium Importer allows users to:
    • Import control tests and ranges

For more information, read the latest General Availability announcement from the desk of General Manager Carl Smith.

Next steps

CGM LABDAQ users (ver. 20.1 or above)

Contact Technical Support to schedule your complimentary software update.

CGM LABDAQ users (ver. 19.11 or below)

Learn more about updating to the powerful MS-SQL Server database in Appendix B. Contact your Client Sales Executive to schedule your update.

LabDAQ 4 users

Learn more about upgrading to CGM LABDAQ in Appendix A. Start the upgrade process by contacting your Client Sales Executive today.