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A woman holding her credit card, working on a laptop next to a cup of coffee.
A woman holding her credit card, working on a laptop next to a cup of coffee.

Boost collections and optimize efficiency with the eMEDIX Payment Portal.

With easier patient payments thanks to eMEDIX, your practice and patients will enjoy:

  • Flexible payment options
  • Payments made in office, by phone, or online
  • Compatibility with all card types
  • Payments of all types including co-pays, deductibles, self-pay charges, and co-insurance

A patient payments solution tailor-made for your practice

Improve payment velocity, reduce collections costs, and maintain a positive relationship with your patients by providing alternatives to paper billing.

Patients expect payment options and appreciate the convenience of paying online.

As patient out-of-pocket costs continue to rise and healthcare consumerism increases, you will benefit your practice by providing your patients with convenient ways to make their payments.

With the Payment Portal by eMEDIX, your patients can access an easy-to-use, online portal at any time, from anywhere. With a simple link to their statement, your patients can quickly make their payments. 

When patients can easily make payments, your practice gets paid faster.

Making and collection patient payments is easy with eMEDIX

eMEDIX Patient Payment Portal
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Improve patient satisfaction while increasing revenue

Self-pay revenue is a growing portion of your medical practice's cashflow. You'll maximize your revenue and make better use of your time when you collect efficiently from patients without overwhelming your staff.

With the Payment Portal by eMEDIX, you'll enjoy simple, flat fees and transparent billing for your patient payments. It's easy for patients, and it's easy for you.

A provider connects with a patient during this step of the patient journey

Defining the patient journey

A medical biller works through her practice's revenue cycle

RCM basics: The life cycle of a medical bill

doctor collecting patient payments
Junge Ärztin am PC.

Collecting patient payments using telemedicine visits

eMEDIX earns CAQH CORE Phase II Certification

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