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Two women helping each other hike to the top of a mountain.
Two women helping each other hike to the top of a mountain.

Set your patients' financial expectations up-front with clear and accurate estimates.

With Patient Responsibility Estimator by eMEDIX, you and your patients will enjoy:

  • Increased and timely price transparency
  • Accurate estimates
  • A better patient experience
  • Timely collections

Know before you go with Patient Responsibility Estimator

Patients today are assuming a greater responsibility for their medical costs. In fact, patients have become the third-largest payer in the industry!

Yet, more patients than ever before are delaying payment on their healthcare bills as they struggle to understand medical invoices, plan coverage, and out-of-pocket costs. When patients don't know in advance what they will owe, it's difficult for them to plan their payments reliably, and that slows down your revenue cycle.

Keep patients informed and ensure faster payments with help from Patient Responsibility Estimator by eMEDIX.

Don't let uncertainty lead to unpaid statements

With Patient Responsibility Estimator by eMEDIX, providers can easily pre-calculate an individualized, out-of-pocket cost estimate using data from previous payments, physician and facility fees, and the patient's own benefits information.

Patient Responsibility Estimator is a web-based product that allows providers to calculate what each patient will owe for services rendered.

This information improves your reimbursement rate and is an important part of ensuring your practice is compliant with the No Surprises Act.

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Key benefits of Patient Responsibility Estimator

Improve patient experience

Patients typically do not receive complete or accurate (or sometimes any) cost information before or at the point of care. Provide easy-to-understand cost breakdowns in advance to improve a patient's trust with their provider.

Increase price transparency

Provide payment expectations before providing a service or procedure. Organizations have the responsibility to communicate often and clearly with the patient. If your organization is also subject to the requirements of the No Surprises Act, Patient Responsibility Estimation is a valuable tool to help you be compliant.

Ensure timely collections

Empower your patients by arming them with accurate information about the cost of their care. When patients trust the information you provide and understand the expected out-of-pocket cost, they are more likely to pay upfront or more promptly when they receive a bill later.

Accurate estimates, up-to-date information, improved transparency

Real-time financial estimates create complete transparency. This empowers patients to manage their cost of care proactively.

Arm patients with the information they need, and you'll increase the likelihood that they will pay at the time of service. If your patients are seeking out-of-network services, this may further benefit your compliance with the No Surprises Act.

People working together in an office setting.

With Patient Responsibility Estimator, your practice delivers a better patient experience at the point of care, helping patients understand the costs they can expect instead of leaving it all to confusing statements and benefits information down the road.

Integrated solution

Patient Responsibility Estimator is an amazing tool for any practice, regardless of your current EHR or practice management solution.

However, clients with one of the following systems by CompuGroup Medical will enjoy a seamless integration that puts the patient responsibility estimate at your front desk's fingertips:

  • CGM eMDs

Looking for an integrated solution? Ask us about our leading EHR, CGM APRIMA, and enjoy the benefits of consolidating your software and services under one roof with CompuGroup Medical.

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