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Business man on top of a mountain, looking out over a beautiful sunrise.
Business man on top of a mountain, looking out over a beautiful sunrise.

Prevent rejections and denials before they impede your progress. Automate claim monitoring, streamline attachments, and more.

Boost your efficiency and performance. With reporting by eMEDIX, you can:

  • Resolve issues more quickly to receive faster payments
  • Work faster with built-in, customizable work lists.
  • Get visibility into commercial and Medicare claims
  • Increase workflow efficiency
  • Discover new revenue streams from previously underpaid claims
  • Decrease denial rates through quick intervention using accurate information

Boost reimbursements and decision-making with data-driven reporting

Your ability to help your practice, billing service, or other healthcare organization get paid quickly and accurately is only as good as the information you have. eMEDIX delivers reliable, useful data to increase your efficiency and support you in your management-level decision-making.

Comprehensive reporting and intelligence tools make it easier to both report on critical data as well as to do something with it.

Why is accurate reporting important?

Finding the right delivery system for reporting, analytics, and information can significantly impact an organization.

Accurate reporting can lead to fundamental changes in how people perform their jobs and how decisions are made.

From client data to remits to statements, the reporting tools offered by eMEDIX allow you to easily generate and print your results and guide you toward smarter business decisions.

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Financial reporting by the numbers

95%Client retention rate enjoyed by eMEDIX users
85%Percentage of providers who prefer electronic ERA/EFT payments
1Platform to manage all commercial and Medicare/Medicaid claims

eMEDIX earns CAQH CORE Phase II Certification

Clinical Lab Data

5 benefits of extracting or mining your clinical lab data

eMEDIX achieves CAQH CORE Phase I Certification for seamless, secure healthcare administrative data exchange

happy revenue cycle management team
team smiling

5 reasons revenue cycle management is right for your practice

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