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Man stopped at the side of the road, looking into the distance next to his car.
Man stopped at the side of the road, looking into the distance next to his car.

Prevent rejections and denials before they impede your progress. Automate claim monitoring, streamline attachments, and more.

  • Edit your claims online for faster turnaround
  • Consolidate claims data into one easy-to-use, easy-to-consume, claims management dashboard
  • No matter your claims management goals, eMEDIX has the solutions you need to achieve them

Leave claim denials in your rearview mirror

Claims management is one of the most demanding parts of the healthcare revenue cycle.

With claims management tools by eMEDIX, your practice or medical billing service or other organization can prevent rejections and denials before they happen. Boost your bottom line and leave denials in the rearview mirror.

Peter Bunting, Visual Outcomes
Sometimes in business you luck out!

The team at eMEDIX have been very responsive and genuinely helpful as we have stepped through implementation, testing, and validating at production. We would like to thank the team. We certainly feel comfortable working with them.

Peter Bunting, Visual Outcomes

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Claims management by the numbers

50%Annual clearinghouse cost reduction
99.5%Clean claims rate - 
compare to industry best practice of 95%
8.5Minutes saved over manually keying claims

Take the better path to claims management

As the business of healthcare becomes more complicated, organizations need solutions that make the payment process faster.

It should be easier to manage critical workflows, prevent denials, and receive payments while placing fewer burdens on existing staff.

That's where claims management by eMEDIX can help.

Walking down a beach holding a compass.

Find your way to superior claims management with help from eMEDIX.

5 proven denial management strategies

5 proven denial prevention strategies for your medical practice

Claims processing and healthcare RCM made easy with eMEDIX

Top 5 reasons for medical claim denials (and how to fix them)

happy revenue cycle management team
team smiling

5 reasons revenue cycle management is right for your practice

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