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A medical biller smiles at a conference table.
A medical biller smiles at a conference table.

Save your practice time and money with electronic Remittance Management by eMEDIX.

With Remittance Management, you can:

  • Implement a fully electronic workflow
  • Fast-track cash posting and collections
  • Eliminate hours of administrative work every week

Eliminate manual claims posting

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) reduces the time required for processing remittances from days to hours. Our proprietary eMEDIX technology receives ERA files from payer 24/7/365 and forwards them to your account immediately. You receive reimbursements faster.

A medical biller using electronic remittance management by eMEDIX.

Benefit from a faster collections process with help from eMEDIX and electronic remittance management.

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Simplify the insurance process

eMEDIX supports all your current ERA payers while continuously identifying new payer opportunities. Electronic remittances are stored centrally, giving you quick and easy access to payment details.
Remit manager automatically translates any 835 into a standardized human-readable electronic EOB, and the remit data is automatically attached to the corresponding claims.

Stop losing valuable revenue.

Electronic claims submission: saving you time and money

According to CAQH, the healthcare industry spends $4.5 billion on claim submissions annually. By shifting from manual claims submission to electronic claims submisison, the medial industry can realize an estimated savings of $635 million dollars. On top of that, organizations can save an average of four minutes per transaction.

As an example, if a practice submits 50 claims per day manually and sees patients five days a week, they could save an estimated $30,290 per year by moving to an electronic process.

eMEDIX earns CAQH CORE Phase II Certification

Claims processing and healthcare RCM made easy with eMEDIX

A doctor holds up a wad of cash after increasing doctor's office cash flow

10 strategies to increase doctor's office cash flow

Clients increase profitability with eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions

RCM software by eMEDIX delivers better claims process

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