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QR codes for COVID-19 test validation
How QR codes are improving the US response to COVID-19

Even as the delta and other variants compound the effects of vaccine hesitancy—prolonging the nation's battle with ...

CGM LABNEXUS, CGM SCHUYNET, Lab Software | Daniel Doll
National Health Laboratory, Timor-Leste
Modern lab software improves healthcare in Timor-Leste

As the newly independent nation of Timor-Leste takes on the challenges of establishing a strong health system for ...

CGM SCHUYLAB, CGM SCHUYNET, Lab Software | Daniel Doll
ARIA RCM Services Assessments for Labs
Maximize lab reimbursements with RCM services

Laboratory billing is increasingly complex, and the assessments we can do through our RCM services show that ...

Reimbursements, Medical Billing, Lab Software | Daniel Doll
Lab-patient connection
The lab-patient connection

The patient journey is central to everything we do in the healthcare industry. When it comes to clinical lab testing...

Lab Software, e-health | Daniel Doll
Better Lab Software to Combat Stress
Overwhelmed? Better lab software can help

Is your clinical laboratory staff overwhelmed? You're not alone. Surges in demand for better lab testing have ...

Lab Software, CGM LABDAQ, CGM LABNEXUS | Daniel Doll
Technical Support is essential for the clinical laboratory

For years, the medical laboratory profession has pushed forward against the winds of a shortage in the workforce. ...

Lab Software, CGM SCHUYLAB | Daniel Doll
LIS and LIMS distinction
What is the difference between LIS and LIMS?

If you are the owner of a new laboratory, the choice in lab management software is a critical and daunting one. There are many systems from which to choose, and complicating things even more, these platforms fall ...

Lab Software, CGM LABDAQ, CGM SCHUYLAB | Daniel Doll