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How a cloud-based LIS rescues the struggling AP lab

July 11, 2019

CGM AP EASY delivers a cloud-based lab software solution. It's anatomic pathology made easy.

Lab technician at a microscope

The life cycle of a struggling AP lab without a cloud-based LIS

Too many of our AP testing clients have endured the same struggles. Call them life cycle stages or growing pains.

Let's take a look at the life of a struggling AP lab and see how a cloud-based LIS such as CGM AP EASY can save the day.

Stage 1: Small beginnings

One of the most important things that needs to be done is securing a space for the lab. Next is figuring out a testing menu, what equipment is needed, and how the lab will procure it. Last is hiring the right staff and setting up a network with vendors to get the lab stocked with the reagents and supplies.  

Stage 2: Starting without a cloud-based LIS

Once everything is in place, your team can begin working. Many labs opt to go with a desktop-based system to create cases and generate reports. They fund their IT departments and set up local servers. 

Since most anatomic pathology labs start small, we find that many cut costs by using older Windows servers to host their system. Eventually, the costs to update or maintain this network mount and other issues begin to develop.

Stage 3: Cracks in the system

As the lab starts to grow, the need for a modern infrastructure becomes more and more apparent. Techs may notice slow performance caused by hardware limitations.

Ultimately, workflow comes to a grinding halt.  

Stage 4: The final straw

After a few years of mounting frustrations, Microsoft inevitably announces that it will no longer support the operating system the lab is using to run its system, and this puts the lab at risk of losing its regulatory compliance.

Stage 5: Where's my paddle?

What are your options? For a struggling anatomic pathology lab to avoid kicking the can down the road, the cleanest option is to consider a cloud-based LIS solution. The easiest choice is CGM AP EASY.  

Stage 6: A cloud-based LIS to the rescue  

For labs that didn't get in on the ground floor with CGM AP EASY, they will often reach stage six in their growth and realize the need to correct that mistake.

Our cloud-based LIS for AP testing allows you to manage cases, specimens, stains, and much more. You can access the system from virtually anywhere using our secure, cloud-based, AWS servers.

Because it is a cloud-based LIS, you will never have to worry about falling out of compliance or falling into performance issues thanks to aging hardware.

Stage 7: Finding solid ground

It's ironic to think that a cloud-based LIS puts your AP testing lab on solid ground, but that's exactly what happens.

Accessioning a new case becomes much easier. Lab data is safe and compliant and there is an audit trail on all actions. Workflow returns to normal, and input and turnaround times improve.

Learn more about CGM AP EASY or contact us to schedule a demo today.

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