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Introducing the CGM AP EASY cloud-based LIS

May 5, 2017

CGM AP EASY delivers a cloud-based lab software solution. It's anatomic pathology made easy.

Lab technician at a microscope

Discover how easy a laboratory information system (LIS) can be. Easy setup. Easy workflow. Easy integrations. Easy reporting. Easy payments.

Need a new LIS? CGM AP EASY is here

CGM AP EASY is the next-generation, cloud-based laboratory information system designed specifically for your anatomic pathology workflow!

Let us host it for you on our HIPAA-compliant servers.

Concerned about integrating to your EHR or your client's EHR? CompuGroup Medical has that covered! Interfacing to any EHR is quick and easy.

Don't want to integrate directly to an EHR? How about using the integrated physician portal?

Billing services are also available with help from the experts on our ARIA RCM Services team. Experience consistent, high performance on collections. Make sure your charges are never missed!

To learn more about our cloud-based LIS for anatomic pathology, contact us today and schedule a demo.

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