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EHR software for pediatricians

As pediatricians know, the care continuum for young children and teens differs greatly from those used for adults. This necessitates the need for a different type of EHR—one designed specifically for the day-to-day workflows of a pediatric practice.

CGM has designed an EHR that allows pediatricians to track the complex care of patients from birth to early adulthood, documenting the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of illnesses, disorders, and ailments with a focus on speed and ease of use.

CGM APRIMA offers templatized charting to maximize your efficiency and quality of care. 

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Pediatric practice grows with CGM APRIMA EHR software

One day, while the office manager for All Children Pediatrics in Louisville, Kentucky, was attending a technology road show, she contacted one of the practice’s pediatricians with an urgent message. “Our office manager called in the middle of the day and told us that we had to come to see this one EMR,” Dr. Jeffrey Burton recalled. He and another pediatrician from the practice went that day to look at CGM APRIMA. 

After spending three hours interacting with the software, the pediatricians were really impressed. “We found it was so intuitive,” said Dr. Burton. “We looked at three to four other vendors, but CGM APRIMA won out.” In the summer of 2007, the practice, which included five pediatricians and two nurse practitioners, began using CGM APRIMA.

Features and benefits of our Pediatric EHR solution

AAP Bright Futures™ Guidelines and Content

Through Bright Futures you can: group Pediatric developmental milestones by age, document Clinical content and preventive care from birth through age 21, receive anticipatory guidance forms for each age-specific well visit, and get built-in assessments for pediatric screenings including M-CHAT-R, CRAFFT, CAGE-AID, oral health risk, lead risk, anemia, risk, tuberculosis risk, PHQ-2 and PHQ-9.

Comprehensive Immunization Support 

CGM APRIMA provides time-saving immunization documentation and tracking functionalities.

Automatically generate active and passive immunization reminders whenever patients are due. The formatting is based on CDC-recommended immunization schedule, and you can customize your reminder delivery method based upon a patient's contact preferences.

Engage Families and Patients

Enable family members to access our patient portal, simplifying parental care for children's health. Detect patients who haven't received their flu shot and initiate HIPAA-compliant email campaigns to increase visits, foster healthier patients, and boost revenue. If you need to meet beyond the practice, make use of our integrated telehealth to connect with patients wherever they are.

Pediatric Dosing

Once patient vitals are entered into CGM APRIMA, they are used to aid the provider in calculating the appropriate dosing (milligrams of medication per kilograms of weight) for the patient. No need to calculate on the fly! 

Pediatric Templates

Utilize our custom problem templates to engage with all facets of documentation, from vaccine administration to well-visits to problem-focused encounters in a single touch. We have modeled our templates after multiple types of standard screenings so you never have to chart from scratch!

Easy quality reporting for pediatric practices

In our pediatrics EHR, you'll find a real-time MIPS dashboard that allows practices to monitor their progress on the go. This dashboard offers the ability to delve into individual chart notes in real-time, providing complete clarity on your numerators and denominators. The included reporting capability, both standard and comprehensive, equips practices with everything they require to successfully attest to their MIPS or APM participation.

doctor with a baby using a pediatric EHR
Pediatric  providers

Ultimate interoperability

Our pediatric EHR gives pediatricians the tools they need to need to easily access information and devote more valuable time to patients. We provide features including a point-to-point interface, integration with a Health Information Exchange (HIE), and direct messaging, along with participation in our national network partners’ programs such as Surescripts and CommonWell.

For pediatrics, our EHR will help you digitize your paper-based, manual processes and centralize all fax workflows into a single integrated solution. Your practice’s inbound faxes can be routed, processed, and filed to the patient chart, and you can send faxes directly from the EHR.

CGM APRIMA provides strong support, flexibility for fast-growing pediatrics practice

When Beittel-Becker Pediatric Associates realized how quickly it was outgrowing its practice management software, the clinic decided it was time to look for a comprehensive solution. They needed one that would keep pace with the practice as it expanded. Dr. Greta Laube and practice administrator Chad Martin agreed that they wanted a solution that could:

  • Combine electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) functions into a single database, rather than two disparate packages that had been "integrated" through a common interface
  • Enable each provider to establish a different set of clinical documentation procedures themselves, avoiding expensive custom programming
  • Accommodate growth easily, at minimal cost

The solution was appealing because it provided the clinic with the right combination of flexibility, scalability, and single-database, single-application design.

CGM APRIMA provides strong support, flexibility for fast-growing pediatrics practice

From paper to a perfect solution: Pediatric practice grows with CGM APRIMA EHR

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