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Unique challenges require smart software: EHR for FQHC and CHC

Community health centers (CHCs) and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) have unique billing and reporting challenges that require specific functionality to meet regulatory requirements and provide the data necessary for ongoing grant funding.

CompuGroup Medical provides an EHR and practice management system for FQHCs and CHCs that streamlines documentation, automates reporting, eases population health and care management for stretched staff, and includes many more features. Special, flexible provider-licensing models meet the needs of these unique settings. 

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Our EHR features for FQHCs and CHCs

Sliding Fee Scales

Basing fees on your patients' ability to pay enables the smooth operation of the business and provides a positive patient experience. Break away from total reliance on funding by charging appropriately and collecting for services rendered.

UDS Reporting 

Simplify your UDS and UDS+ reporting with CGM APRIMA for FQHCs. This reporting is built in—no add-on modules or surprise fees. Spend less time generating and submitting reports and have more time for patient care.

UDS+ reporting is the new standard, and your FQHC requires an EHR that supports this. 

Bilingual Patient Portal

CGM's native Patient Portal provides English and Spanish support for desktop and mobile devices. Patients can view their chart, request appointments and prescription refills, communicate securely with the practice, and much more.

Easy Documentation

Enjoy flexible charting using a touch-enabled screen and save time by integrating with voice recognition software.


Data submission to registries is critical for patient outcomes and regulatory reporting. With our EHR for FQHCs, we provide easy access to your PDMP and facilitate connection to common registries. 

Clinical Decision Support

Our EHR understands the challenge of managing essential visits to ensure patients stay healthy and adhere to their care plans.

Receive prominent reminders as a provider, alerting you to address care gaps, including annual wellness visits, mammograms, flu shots, and more.

Handling a broad range of care for FQHCs and CHCs

CGM APRIMA recognizes that in order to deliver a broad range of care, CHCs require care teams with diverse skills and professional credentials. CGM APRIMA offers a variety of purchasing models to accommodate each CHC’s unique blend of clinical staff, including physicians, community health workers, case managers, behavioral health staff and other multi-disciplinary team members, including part-time equivalents. Our approach enables CHCs to implement a solution that is not only powerful, but cost-effective as well.

Given the complex nature of the CHC model, CGM APRIMA’s comprehensive solution incorporates built-in capabilities for:

  • Traditional primary care
  • Mental and/or behavioral health
  • Substance abuse
  • Group therapy
  • Home visits
  • Case management
  • The ability to integrate with dental and vision center software
  • A patient portal in English and Spanish
  • Referral tracking
  • Data-driven diagnoses
  • Patient reminders for preventive care
  • Prescription sample dispensing
  • ePrescribing
  • Performance reporting
  • Information exchange, education and health maintenance tools to create a more efficient, effective organization

Patient care is what it’s all about. That’s what we’re there for and with FQHCs it’s even that much more important because our patient population is up to 50% uninsured. When we can tailor our system to our population, that enables us to greatly improves the care in our area. This is my fifth EHR and it’s by far the best. What sets CGM APRIMA apart from the rest is ease of use- the way that I can build it for my needs and adjust it on the fly. That’s the best part of it.


Easy quality reporting

CGM APRIMA includes a real-time MIPS dashboard so practices can track their progress on the fly. Our MIPS dashboard provides drill-down capability into individual chart notes for total clarity into your numerators and denominators.

Standard and included reporting capability provides what practices need to successfully attest to their MIPS or APM participation.

Ultimate interoperability

CGM APRIMA gives providers the EHR interoperability tools they need to connect with patient data in the way that works best for them, and, just as importantly, those with whom they need to connect.

Whether that is with a point to point interface, integration with a Health Information Exchange (HIE), direct messaging, or with participation in our national network partners’ programs such as Surescripts and CommonWell.

CGM APRIMA integrates with multiple in-house solutions like FHIR API, appointment reminders, telehealth, EDI, billing services, and more. 

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