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Streamline laboratory accessions with CGM SCHUYLAB

January 27, 2022 | Daniel Doll
Accessioning with CGM SCHUYLAB

Does your POL need two phlebotomists to manage drawing a specimen from a single patient? Does your reference lab struggle to accession large-volume orders with paper requisitions?

CompuGroup Medical offers software options to streamline accessions for labs using CGM SCHUYLAB. Your POL can free up that second phlebotomist. Your reference lab can have multiple technicians accessioning large-volume orders quickly at multiple workstations.

Learn more about Check-In and Batch Requisitions, and improve the efficiency of your laboratory with these powerful software options.

Simplify accessions with Check-In for CGM SCHUYLAB

If your POL uses two phlebotomists to get a patient ready to be drawn, that’s a sign that the Check-In option for CGM SCHUYLAB could save you time and free up your second phlebotomist to help other patients. 

CGM SCHUYLAB Sales Enablement Manager Phyllis Oberle served for years as the lab manager of a physician office lab for a 10-provider practice in Maryland, and she saw firsthand the benefits of the Check-In option.

“It’s a huge, huge time saver,” Phyllis said. “Normally, it took two phlebotomists to help one patient. One would review the lab orders, and the other would draw the patient. If the patient brought in orders from other physicians—and most did—it could take 10 minutes to combine the orders, make sure we had the correct ICD-10 codes, and get approval for the added orders.”

Streamline your accessions

Batch Requisitions integrates with Barcodes and Labels to streamline accessions for large-volume orders using paper requisitions.

Phyllis’s lab drew specimens from 80 to 120 patients a day, so the delays and inefficiencies were magnified and impactful.

The Check-In option for CGM SCHUYLAB streamlined this process.

“With Check-In, I didn’t need two phlebotomists to manage one patient,” she said. “The tech would put the patient’s name in, and all the orders would pop up to be verified right there. If there were additional orders, we simply added them to the list. We could send the doctor a message for approval and verify the orders, and the patient would be seen, drawn, and out the door.”

Check-In is designed to improve the accessioning process for orders that are placed by EMR, HIS, or the CGM SCHUYNET Laboratory Outreach Solution prior to the specimens arriving in the lab.

With Check-In, users can access all the order information and assign accession numbers quickly. The time savings and rapid turnover of patients leads to faster draws, analysis, and charting of results.

Accession large-volume orders that use paper requisitions

Paper requisitions may be the old-school method for ordering tests, but that doesn’t make them any less common.

If your reference lab receives large-volume orders with paper requisitions, the Batch Requisitions option for CGM SCHUYLAB is a must.

  • Assign patient and testing information for the entire order at one time
  • Integrate with the Barcodes and Labels option to produce the correct number of labels
  • Allow multiple accessioners to process samples simultaneously at multiple workstations
CGM SCHUYLAB is a trusted lab management solution. Scalable for POLs and reference labs; perfect for labs with in-house billing and the international market.
CGM SCHUYNET is the secure web portal that allows providers and patients access to orders and results from laboratories using CGM SCHUYLAB.

“For those labs who are receiving a large volume of samples by courier during the day, the Batch Requisitions option lets them input the patient identifiers and test information quickly so that the specimens can be processed sooner,” said Beth Schmitt, another CGM SCHUYLAB Sales Enablement Manager and a former lab manager for a facility in Princeton, Indiana.

“The rest of the demographics and insurance information can be added while the specimens are being analyzed,” she said.

Without Batch Requisitions, a reference lab would have to enter each patient and all their testing information, one at a time. If there are multiple accessioners, they might create more than one requisition for the same patient. All of this is improved with Batch Requisitions. It’s an incredible time saver for these situations.

Streamline accessions with CGM SCHUYLAB

Whether you want to help more patients by reducing the workload on your phlebotomists or eliminate the manual effort needed when multiple technicians accession a large-volume order with paper requisitions, software options for the CGM SCHUYLAB Laboratory Information System help you achieve your goals.

Ask your account manager at CompuGroup Medical about Check-In or Batch Requisitions, and streamline the accessions workflow at your lab.

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