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Patient engagement via text messaging
How to: Patient engagement during flu season

Patient engagement can be a challenge, and flu season always presents its own set of struggles. While some patients ...

e-health, CGM APRIMA
doctor crossing his arms thinking about best EHR software in 2023
Best EHR software for doctors in 2023

Electronic health records (EHR) software continues to evolve. The best EHR system can adapt to change and be easy ...

A doctor in the processing of switching her EHR
Best practices: How to switch your EHR
How to switch your EHR

Fed up? When it's time to switch your EHR, it's important to go about it the right wa...

A doctor consults her patients remotely with a telehealth solution
Telehealth awareness among patients

Telehealth availability plays a crucial role in healthcare plans for providers and patients. Just how strong is ...

Telehealth, CGM ELVI
A doctor reassures her elderly patient.
7 ways your EHR should improve patient safety

With all of our digital ways of storing data and information, the importance of improving patient safety is at an ...

A final notice for a patient's medical billing statement.
The growing demand for patient responsibility estimation
Take the “surprise” out of medical bills with patient responsibility estimation

More than half of patients ...

Reimbursements, Medical Billing, eMEDIX
Verifying a patient's insurance eligibility.
The importance of patient insurance eligibility verification

Is your practice still doing manual patient insurance eligibility verification? Do you know how much time and money it is costing you?

According to an MGMA analysis, the average practice spends approximately 12...

Reimbursements, eMEDIX, Medical Billing