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What's the easiest Quanum EHR replacement?

February 13, 2023 | Daniel Doll

Are you a Quanum/Care360 customer? Quest sunset its practice solutions in 2023, but CompuGroup Medical is a preferred partner with an EHR and practice management solution.

A person stranded by a mountain lake and signaling for rescue by waving an emergency flare

The bad news: Quest Diagnostics is sunsetting your Quanum (formerly Care360) EHR.

The good news: There’s an easy path to restoring the stability and functionality you currently enjoy at your practice.

Losing your electronic health record sounds like a nightmare and a major disruption, but Quest customers are not lost at sea. There’s an easy way to minimize the disruption, maintain your costs, upgrade to a better EHR, and consolidate your systems to a single, trusted vendor.

Scroll down to learn more about the easiest way to replace your Quanum EHR.

Quest sunsets Quanum Practice Solutions

In an FAQ for Quanum customers, Quest outlined its decision to sunset Quanum Practice Solutions and listed the systems and services impacted.

In short, customers using the following systems and services will need to implement an alternative before the end-of-life date of December 31, 2023:

  • Quanum Electronic Health Record
  • Quanum Electronic Prescribing
  • Quanum Practice Management (PM)
  • Quanum Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Some Quest customers are using a Quanum PM system that is actually a re-branded iteration of CGM webPRACTICE by CompuGroup Medical. Quest asks these customers to reach out immediately to CompuGroup Medical to continue using CGM webPRACTICE, but how can these Quanum customers replace their EHR?

CGM webPRACTICE represents a 1:1 practice management replacement for some Quanum PM customers

CGM webPRACTICE represents a 1:1 practice management replacement for some Quanum PM customers

Or, what if you're running a different PM system but just want the safety and reliability of a truly integrated system from a market-leading, stable vendor that already works with thousands of practices just like yours?

Replacing your Quanum EHR

We promised there’d be good news. Not only is there a premium EHR option available, but it’s also being offered at the same contracted price that you’re currently paying for Quanum EHR. Imagine an upgraded EHR with no bump in your monthly bills.

That’s the offer on the table thanks to CompuGroup Medical.

CompuGroup Medical is offering CGM APRIMA for Quanum customers, and that means the award-winning EHR—with its intuitive interface, efficient charting, leading e-prescribing platform, and secure patient portal—is yours with no price increase, no data migration fees, and (arguably) best of all, an aggressive migration timeline.

If you’re one of those customers continuing with CGM webPRACTICE Practice Management or some other PM solution, CGM APRIMA can be your standalone EHR. But for everyone else, CGM APRIMA is available as a fully integrated EHR, practice management, and EDI solution.

Consolidate with a single vendor for EHR, PM, and billing

The most exciting thing about transitioning to a partnership with CompuGroup Medical is the opportunity to consolidate all your practice solutions and services to a single, trusted vendor.

If you’re one of those practices who is already using Quanum for EHR, e-prescribing, practice management, and RCM services, you know how much that simplifies your daily workflows, from charting to billing to technical support.

As a partner of Quest Diagnostics, CompuGroup Medical was already delivering the practice management solution and RCM services used by many Quanum customers. Now, practices can consolidate even further with the CGM APRIMA electronic health record and an e-prescribing system that won two Surescripts White Coat Awards in 2022.

Remember the sinking feeling you had when you first heard Quest was sunsetting its Quanum/Care360 EHR?

Now imagine 2023 being the year that you upgrade your EHR without increasing your bill and simplify your business administration by using the same vendor for practice management, e-prescribing, and RCM services.

If you’re new to the idea of contracting for RCM services, you might find that you leave 2023 with a financially healthier business on top of everything else.

That really is the good news.

What is the next step toward replacing your Quanum EHR?

So, what’s next?

You only have to raise your hand.

Take a closer look at the Quanum EHR rescue plan put together by CompuGroup Medical, and tell CGM that you’re one of the customers affected by the sunsetting of Quanum Practice Solutions.

After that, you’ll be in good hands. Explore your options, upgrade your EHR, and consider consolidating your solutions and services with a single, trusted partner.

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