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Physical therapy clinic falls in love with CGM DAQbilling

November 10, 2020

CGM DAQbilling delivers a cost-effective practice management solution that integrates seamlessly with lab management software.

CGM DAQbilling Practice Management Solution

CGM practice management software stands out for Physical Therapy Solutions clinic

"When I started my search for software, I knew I wanted online access. I also wanted to love my software, because everyone I talked to hated theirs. I thought to myself, 'That seems silly. You use it every day, and it is supposed to make your life at work easy and simple and happy,'" said Kristen Terkelsen, Physical Therapy Solutions, Centerville, MA.

"I spent time testing and retesting before deciding to go with CGM DAQbilling, and I am happy I did. I can actually say I love my software now," she said. "I did recommend CGM DAQbilling to a friend who was unhappy with her software, and she did not take my advice. I think she is on her third software vendor, and is still not happy."

Physical Therapy Solutions

Physical Therapy Solutions is a full-service, outpatient, physical therapy clinic located in Centerville, MA. With a newly renovated facility that spans more than 2,400 square feet, the clinic employs state-of-the-art equipment in the delivery of high-quality care. Learn more about Physical Therapy Solutions.

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