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Medical billing company uses CGM DAQbilling for 10 years

November 10, 2020

CGM DAQbilling delivers a cost-effective practice management solution that integrates seamlessly with lab management software.

CGM DAQbilling Practice Management Solution

Medical billing company for small to medium practices thrives using CGM DAQbilling and CompuGroup Medical

"HTI has been using CGM DAQbilling for over a decade. As a thriving medical billing company that has been serving small to medium practices since 1995, we are able to grow and succeed in part due to CGM DAQbilling and the people that make up CompuGroup Medical," said David S. Yang, President, High Tech Images, Westminster, MD.

"I'm happy to say that I am very pleased with the advances made by CompuGroup Medical in securing the future of CGM DAQbilling with a commitment to ICD-10 and investing in great people to represent your product."

High Tech Images, Inc.

High Tech Images is a full service revenue management company that provides expert advice to health care providers on receivables and denial management. The company’s mission is to provide quality billing and collection for sole providers and small groups. Learn more about High Tech Images, Inc.

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